Need Help With a Scorpio

  • Hey Guys and Gals,

    I am a 26 year old guy Saggitarius who currently has a friends with benefits situation going on with a 20 year old Scorpio, also a guy. I've read a lot about Scorpio's and know that they are fiercely loyal, it takes a while to gain their trust, if you break it you can't get it back, they are secretive, amazing in bed, etc. We've met up a total of four times now, and each time it has been amazing. I've never felt more connected to someone than I do him. I've never had an experience like this in my life, and not sure I will again. He told me last time we were together that he was afraid of the relationship thing because the last one he got so emotionally invested in and then he got hurt, so he says he doesn't do relationships. From what I've gathered from him and what he's told me, he doesn't sleep around with other people. (We've had many long talks during the night just cuddling with eachother, etc.) Well, he came over last night and it has been probably a week since I have seen him. When he walked in the room, he started touching my arms, all the way from the shoulder down to my fingertips, and I just kind of sat on the bed and let him do his thing. There was no talking between us at all, but it was the most amazing feeling. Well, I was like "What's this? Why are you doing this?" and he said, "You knew I had a touch obsession right?" And I go, "Well, I knew you liked to be touched, I didn't know you liked touching other people so much." And he says to me, "Well, I don't touch just anyone." And then a few minutes later as he kept doing this he goes, "Do you feel special?" and I go, "Why?" (dumb question I know) and he goes, "Because I'm trying..." Anyways I thought it was really sweet of him. Anyways, we've been having intimacy issues since we started meeting, but last night it finally clicked. As I mentioned earlier, I know Scorpio's don't trust well, and he said to me "Thanks for finally trusting me enough." I thought that was amazing as well. I'm not sure if this is his way of telling me he likes me, without coming right out and saying it, or what. But they way things have been happening, we can't not be somewhat attached at this point already. I can't imagine he'll ever come right out and tell me he likes me. I know I like him a ton. I'd never tell him though. He even messaged me last night on FB and asked me if he could come over after not seeing eachother for about a week. What do you guys think? Do I have something here, is he afraid of telling me how he feels, or what? Because like I said he doesn't do relationships, but that seems like that could be the direction we're headed in. I'm just not sure if he's afraid to tel me how he feels because he said he doesn't do the relationship thing, or if he's afraid he'll get hurt again. I've already told him the last thing I want to do is hurt him.

  • Well, could you walk away from this relationship now, even if you thought it might not go very far? Why not just relax and enjoy what you have for however long you might have together, without over-analysing and worrying it to death? None of us ever know how long a relationship will last, and it's more important to have quality than quantity - and it sounds like you have quality. It's your insecurities that are making you fearful. Instead of getting all heavy and anxious about the future, let go and just live in the present.

  • Honestly I couldn't walk away now, I'm in too deep and I am really liking what's happening here. He's a great guy. And that's something I have told myself many times now, "Just enjoy the time you have with him." Its been helpful.

  • Enjoy the Moment(s) ~ just be in the Moment(s) ~ Enjoy Them (Him) and follow your heart and instinct ...... and JUST BE that is truly the only thing you have control over.

    L & L,


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