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  • I like the readings you give. I drew some cards for someone close to me. I would like your interpretation, if you would. It's hard for me to do since they are close. Would greatly appreciate.

    2 of Swords--recent past



    foundation--page of cups

    higher power--knight of swords

    challenges and opport--the moom

    near future--3 of wands

    blocks & inhibitions--3 of swords

    advice--7 0f coins

    allies--5 of coins

    long term potential--7 of cups

  • Hi Daliolite - I will take a look at this tomorrow. I'm exhausted right now!

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Wow...your friend is really struggling to hold on to something that is not going anywhere. My gut tells me it's a relationship and the guy is really immature and/or has a problem with alcohol or some other type of addiction.

    She really, really, really wants to make things work with him - hoping he will get better so they can recover what was lost, renew their emotional tie and continue their relationship. But she needs to understand that this is an unhealthy attachment for her. She is not seeing things clearly - her perception is clouded. This situation is making her so unhappy, but she just doesn't want to let go. No matter how much we yearn for something we want to happen, sometimes we need to face the cold, hard reality that we are clinging to a fantasy and step into the light.

    Right now she needs to follow her head rather than her heart so she can make a reasoned, thoughtful decision about what's best for HER rather than focusing on him. It is an uncomfortable truth, but this is a necessary severance - she must get over her bleeding heart and move ahead without him. This is a faith-testing or evoking situation she is in right now. She can either stay in limbo - in the darkness of indecision - and continue to hold out hope. OR, she can choose to be realistic - lift the fog from her eyes - and choose to move ahead for the sake of her own health. Choose to put her energies into a new constructive and cooperative relationship that will be more in alignment with her spiritual values and what she really wants.

    Hope this helps,


  • Yes, you're right about alcohol and situation. My take on this was that he has a bright future in his hands if he DECIDES and takes initiative. Seems reading clearly indicates his addiction, etc. The devil paired with the page of swords also indicates friends w/addictive tendencies. Justice w/three of swords pain and loss administered by law enforcement or courts. This person has been married several times (4). He can't seem to forget past hurts, mainly financial in those relationships. What's interesting is this person can quit drinking for several months etc. But once it starts up again, seems can't control it. I did this more as a general reading re him and not me, since I'm the one involved w/him. I guess it's hard to leave me out. I do feel I'm immature in re to love. I'm not real sure if it's pointing to me or him however. Your reading is accurate. The advice you gave was right, true. He is getting torn down by some of his friends. He knows this. I don't think he can change this until he changes. He's a good friend and ready to help when needed. I went ahead and analyzed this. It's hard doing a personal reading. I appreciate your time and if I can do one for you, I will.

  • Well, now that all the cards are on the table, I have to tell you that I got a very strong message that although this reading was done for him - and his issues did all come through very clearly - that Spirit was also trying to guide you. This relationship is dragging you down and you need to cut the emotional tie you have to him and move on. He is on his own path at the moment and there is nothing you can do to help him. This is not the man for you to be with in the long term. He appeared in your life to bring one of your own issues to light. The longer you try to hold on or just keep thinking about him and wanting to help him the longer you will remain stuck. There is just not a happy ending for you with this man, I'm sorry. The bright future was also an indication for you if YOU DECIDE to take initiative. He is the immature one. You are just being a bit naive in this particular situation it seems. It also feels like there is a co-dependency element to your relationship choices or what you attract. That is the real issue for you - why do you attract these men with alcohol or other addictions?



  • It helps to have someone else look into it. I don't know if I'm attracted to alcoholics or familiar w/them. I didn't meet him socially, he used to come into where I worked and I'd see him often. I've known who he is for about 15 yrs, just not personally. His wife at the time worked around me. She died about 10 yrs ago of breast cancer. His wife was a nice, quiet person. My dad was a controlled alcoholic, only at nite. I don't drink. I can tolerate a couple, then I feel sick. Yes, the future looked brighter. I interpreted it as a wake-up call for him but is probably a wake-up call for me. I don't really see him as changing, so yeah you're right. I need to ask you about the 7 of cups in the outcome position. I've never liked this card. When researching the history, it says it can be a motivator in the future position. I look at it as opening a can of worms, same ole thing, pandora's box. What's been your experience w/this card.

    Thanks for the insight---

  • Well, as an outcome card I think it speaks to the outcome being totally up to you and the choice you make because this card speaks to the need to make a decision and that wishful thinking may be your worst enemy in this regard.

    The positive side to the 7 of Cups is having a realistic attitude, seeing things clearly or clarity of thought, decisiveness and making the right choice. It sometimes points to Cosmic contact or spiritual insight.

    The down side to this card is confusion or not thinking clearly, lack of focus, wishful thinking or having your head in the clouds, unrealistic expectations, illusion, romanticism or emotions dominating rational thought, yearnings or longings, and - for the guy in question - excessive use of drugs or alcohol.

    For what it's worth - that Page of Cups as the foundation - I picked up that this was not only about his alcoholism, but also about a childhood issue for you...makes sense now knowing about your father. There must be some unresolved issue for you with your relationship with your father or you would not keep attracting men with the same problem. Something to think about...

    I honestly think the outcome for him will be continued problems with his alcoholism. For you, the challenge is to see this situation clearly for what it is and, based on what I mentioned above about your father, the opportunity for spiritual insight.



  • Thanks, I agree. I have felt on the outside of this relationship looking in. That's a good way to phrase my feelings. Right now, I'm trying to get into a program career related that a lot of other people are. My credits and credentials for entrance are excellent. Yesterday, I took an entrance exam into the program and scored 88%. It was a long test (4) hrs. I feel I would have scored higher but was getting tired towards end. I need to ask you for a personal reading. Career and personal. General reading. Would really appreciate what you can relate as I feel your interp is excellent.

  • The major element at work in your life right now is CHANGE. You have been through a difficult time – lots of tension, anxiety and frustration caused by restrictions, intolerable conditions or circumstances, and/or seemingly insurmountable problems. Things just haven’t fallen into place or gelled the way you have wanted them to and you may be feeling defeated, distressed or depressed by it all. It just feels like you are overworked, rundown and just plain tired at the moment.

    However even though you may be feeling disheartened, the good news is that you do have the urge to get things settled and to change things for the better – to get on with a new life or lifestyle. Part of this is showing up in your change in career or job duties (is this law-enforcement or somehow related to the legal field?). You are coming through as ambitious or having a new-found ambition, patient, practical, responsible, but can sometimes be too moody or depressed (this may just be due to recent circumstances in your life) – and you may have a habit of getting sucked into other people’s emotions/problems/situations. There may be a bit of a co-dependency problem here – giving too much - that you need to work on, which brings us to the next subject…

    You are also discouraged or frustrated with the romantic aspect of your life. You have been spending a lot of energy wondering or worrying about this other man and not wanting to let go even though you know the relationship is not bringing you satisfaction and has become a burden to you. There is an undercurrent of disquiet here – it feels like you are beginning to realize that you need to stop compromising and asserting yourself more – being more vocal about your needs and exercising your rights so to speak. I think this might be true of your life in general, not just on the love front - the giving too much or not asserting yourself thing I mentioned above.

    I need to tell you that in spite of all of these obstacles or unforeseen problems you have had to endure and feeling like life has been an uphill battle, your life is indeed going to turn around and change for the better. There is a lot of light streaming to you and whether you feel it or not, you are receiving beneficial help from up above right now. It feels like there are some pretty powerful spiritual forces at work clearing away the debris and obstacles to your success and helping you to correct problems that are impeding your growth at the moment. Like Karma/Inner Issues are being cleared or you are being given the opportunity to resolve them once and for all so the re-set button can be pushed 🙂

    I have to tell you that I got conflicting energies on this potential new job. First I felt a lot of success for you in work and career issues, but then I felt like there might be some initial failure beforehand or some postponement or delay that will occur. Soooo, if this test or outcome of this endeavor does not go well you need to understand that it is because there is something else that you are being guided toward. The message is that even if your future seems uncertain, to keep the faith and try not to let your emotions get the best of you.

    As far as what you need to do? Stay calm through any “storms” that may come up. Go with the flow as stated above and do not think that you are alone or not being helped as you are definitely getting some major help right now. TRUST and be patient. Also, do not allow yourself to become isolated or dragged down by boring or dreary responsibilities. Allow yourself to relax and give yourself a rest from work and worry. Get out of the house – socialize – rejuvenate yourself – have FUN! In short, keep your vibrations up.

    Also, another gentle reminder not to hold onto love and devotion for someone you need to let go of - get back in the dating game!

    As the final outcome, you will be burying the past and starting fresh and any obstacles or adverse conditions you may encounter WILL be overcome. I think things may be going in a different direction than you expect, but it is all extremely positive.



  • Thanks!

  • Hello! I hope you're having a wonderful day..In all sincereity I just need some advice, some words of reassurance or confirmation to let me know that I am seeing clearly.

    I honestly have no idea how this works, never done it before, i don't even know if it is OK just to ask, but here I go:

    Take as much time as you need..

    I don't know if Im exagerrating but I feel so tense and some sort of anxiety which is not truly deep but kept more in the back of my head..I will be a senior next year at college and career-wise I've done nothing! I know I am very talented and intelligent but I can't seem to achieve anything I plan...

    My friends are not the worst, but I am not satisfy with anybody around me..I was fine with giving and never having anything in returned but as I grow up I find myself wanting to be alone and hoping things were different..I used to have a lot more friends now it seems that I only have 1-2...I feel like I havent accomplished anything, not even in my love life. I'm young and Ive been in a complete standstill in every aspect of my life, and it hurts to know that. I really don't know what it is..Im guessing people can see the huge shield in front of me..

    Any consultation will be greatly appreciated, IC.

  • Hi IC,

    I would be happy to help you, but I need to get off the computer right now and start preparing for a family party tonight - a celebration of a new little niece that will be coming my way 🙂 I will do a reading for you tomorrow, but for now just try and relax. You are still in college so you are not "behind" in any way as far as creating or achieving anything in your career. The anxiety is just fear of the future - fear of the unknown. You are fine. Everything will be OK...



  • Thanks for letting me know, very sweet of you! have fun..

    look forward to hearing from you, IC

  • Hey watergirl..I hope you're having a lovely day! Hope you didn't forget about me =x

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