My Soulmate?

  • Hi Readers,

    I've got a really good friend S, whom I've known for 1.5 years. We form an unlikely friendship - it would appear to others - but it feels so natural, loving, and kind. Am wondering if she is one of my soulmates? Is there any way to tell? D.O.B is 23 Feb (not sure of the year).

    Am also wondering about an ex W (6 Oct 1985). We had a difficult relationship, but I learnt a lot. Also wondering if he was a soulmate. And we came together to learn something?

    Then there's B (13 Jun 73). Also feel we're meant to learn things from each other.

    Normally, we learn things from each other in any kind of relationships. How does one know if there is some higher purpose (and if the other is a soul mate or there is some karmic connection?) Actually not sure what is the difference too..

  • We all have many varieties of soulmates in our lives - lovers, family members, friends, pets, and enemies. They all teach us - everyone we encounter teaches us something so that there is always a Higher Purpose to every relationship. A soulmate is someone who makes a deep impression on you, in the positive or negative.

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