Help with a missing ring

  • I took my wedding band off and put it in my top desk drawer, but when I went back to get it, it was gone. I have searched my two top desk drawers and I am not finding it, please help!

  • I am getting the feeling that there is something negative associated with this ring (maybe on a subconscious level) and you deliberately put it away from you.

  • PS I feel it is still where you put it but your negative feelings are 'blinding' you to the ring's existence. Sort out the issue and you will find the ring.

  • Yes there is negativity associated with the ring, as it is my wedding band from a failed marriage, but the engagement ring of that same set is still where I put it and I can find that one fine, it is the wedding band that I can't find. Not sure how else to sort out the issues with the marriage but to come to terms with it and move on.

  • This post is deleted!

  • WolfVixen, did you feel satisfied that you got everything out of the marriage that you could have or is there still something tying you to the memory of it, like some unexpressed feelings or thoughts or questions?

  • It was a bad marriage. There isn't any unexpressed feelings as I expressed them all quite well during the marriage. Did I get everything out of the marriage that I could, but that is the point in ending the marriage. I won't get what I could out of it.

    The rings were going to him, I offered them to him because I didn't want them, but now the wedding band is missing. As I said before the engagement ring I can find and it was put in the same drawer so not sure where the wedding band ran off to.

    And I checked under the desk, under every desk in this room, it isn't there.

  • Returning the wedding ring is pretty significant, like an admission that it really is over or that it was a failure. Are you ready to face that issue? Perhaps losing the ring means you have doubts or mixed feelings. If you face this issue squarely, you will find the ring.

  • Not really returning the ring, I am giving it to him since I bought our rings myself. I want it over, I have moved on but he doesn't wish to. I totally admit it was a failure but I am not going to spend another year much less 5 years trying to fix something that I can't fix.

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