Hows he feel help with cards please

  • I was out clubbin couple of weeks ago, and ended up shovin my tounge down a boys throat on his birthday, i thought nothing of it untill the next day he added me on facebook, we have been in touch for a couple of weeks and haven't gone a day without texting, I saw him the weekend with my friends and his, my friends phone went missing that night, so i asked him if any of his friends had took it, he was quite defensive saying it's not a good start if i dont trust him, he didn't take the phone as i was with him the whole night, we get on so well, we haven't spoke for a couple of days now and i was just wonderin how he feels about i pulled 5 cards at random

    1. 7 of swords

    2. 7 of wands

    3. Justice

    4. page of cups

    5. heriophant

    would be greatfull if anyone could help me with what these cards mean with my situation..

  • Since I am uncertain as to which positions the cards are in or what they mean per position. It looks to me like he has some quiet contemplation time coming.. or Hiding.. Nothing looks significant.

    The Page of cups usually means he will be in your life for a short time. In other words.. I would suggest forgetting about him and see if he returns. It does not look like he will. Sorry.

  • hmm thanks lovedetox, i wonder what he's hiding from....i haven't even spoke to him since, just wondering where i've gone wrong 😞

  • what dose the heriophant mean as the last position may i ask?

  • The boy is immature and brings issues of trust to the surface for you (as you've already discovered). This is not to say that he can't be trusted, but there's a lesson here for you. He's a "teacher", someone who will challenge you to find a balance within yourself.

    He's a loving friend, not a lover. Questions to ask yourself would revolve around the nature of your relationship; what do you want from him, why are you involved with him.

    Trust your instinct. For some reason you are choosing to ignore it.

  • The last card (the way I interpret it) means he becomes recluse from you. He needs time to think (basically) so it is best to let him be and let him come back to you on his own accord. Some relationships take years to blossom.. Some relationships are short and not meant to last.

    Definition of Recluse:

    recluse [rɪˈkluːs]


    1. a person who lives in seclusion

    2. (Christianity / Ecclesiastical Terms) a person who lives in solitude to devote himself to prayer and religious meditation; a hermit, anchorite, or anchoress


    solitary; retiring

    [from Old French reclus, from Late Latin reclūdere to shut away, from Latin re- + claudere to close]

    reclusion [rɪˈkluːʒən] n

    reclusive adj

    Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

  • I thought it was the Hermit that was the recluse not the Hierophant?

  • Ha ha.. oh crap. I read the entire thing wrong. For some reason I kept seeing the wrong card, my head kept picturing the wrong card. Oops!

    I am terribly sorry I am having a blond moment through this entire thing (I can say it cause I'm blond).

    I gave the wrong info (I never do that wth?)

    I'm so sorry...

    The Hierophant means someone who is higher in education or suited to be a teacher or in reverse it can mean cheating and deception cause the end of a relationship or be open to unconventional idea's - the truth may not be as it appears.

    I feel so dumb now. lol - You're right PH. I was way wrong.. So sorry AG as well.. I kept seeing another card in my head.

    I will do a past - present- future reading for his feelings for you..

    His feelings - It says a message was given to him to resolve the problem (just now) but his feelings are going to change to shallow thinking (High priestess reversed). Basically he's not an emotionally mature person like PH said.

    As I said, I am terribly sorry.. My mind is in overload lately. I hope you can forgive me.

  • so basically i should forget and move on? im kinda confused lol ...

  • ohhh PisceanHealer i've just read your post thank you, i now see things more be fair i think back to when i met him, we were drunk, we kissed, it was abit of fun... I sopose i should start trusting my instincts more often...

  • This post is deleted!

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