Leo man and Capricorn female

  • we're getting engaged soon so I want to know more about us two Im 30/12 he's 30/07

  • This can be a good relationship for marriage as long as its weaknesses and issues are dealt with. You are both powerful personalities and one might expect the relationship to be extremely heavy, yet it can actually be quite light-hearted with a rather theatrical quality - you two often act out your fantasies by projecting them onto each other. The relationship has a tendency to flee from life's pressing realities, so that there is a danger you two could turn to drug use or other methods of escapism. Yet the matchup is not without ambition, and in fact both of you have a great deal of drive. There is a commitment to style in whatever you do. Combined with your desire to fulfill your fantasies, this produces a sometimes excessive flamboyance. You two will probably ruffle quite a few feathers along the way. Your relationship can be somewhat unstable in that way, underlining a tendency toward eccentricity.

    Your love affair will be exciting, but remarkably cool. A certain objectivity takes the place of deep passion and emotional exploration. The strong bursts of energy that usually emanate from your personalities somehow miss the mark in a love relationship, which can be almost ineffectual at times. Yet marriage can work here if the two of you make yourselves and each other uphold your mutual responsibilities. More often than not, you will be playful with each other, but you can also be rather lazy when it comes to cleaning up or looking after the kids.

    If you two can try facing up to the truth more often (escaping can be pleasant but often unproductive) and build a firm basis for your relationship by coordinating your energies, all can go very well for you.

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