Hermetic tarot meanings

  • Hi. I am new to Tarot. I have a Rider Waite deck but someone bought me a Hermetic deck and it seems to be more finely tuned into me, based on the couple of readings I have done using information from tarot.com, but it does cost. I am looking for a book or something online which I can refer to, to gain an understanding of the hermetic, if anyone has any ideas please.

    I have looked on the internet already and looked on amazon, but without any joy.

    Any guidance appreciated,

    Thank you!

  • HI thepolyglot,

    Hope this helps, rules are no links.so just put all this together and add the three W's in front.there is information on readings, if this link disappears just google and hopefully with a little research you can find the help you are looking for encase your post is not answered right away.

    ehow. com/ how_7698445_ read- hermetic- tarot-cards. html


    love and light

  • Thank you for your help! xx

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