Captain can I get a reading please?

  • Hi Captain,

    recently I have just reconnected with this guy from years ago Just wondering how this relationship can head to.

    my bod is Sept 12 1985

    and his is Jan 2 1985


  • A love affair here is unlikely to be taken lightly. You are two hard-headed indoviduals who will inevitably butt up against each other, especially at family or social gatherings. Neither of you will be too flexible or understanding here, although you often will gain each other's respect - at least enough to know that neither will allow the other to aggress on their territory. Circumstances usually determine whether you two will be found on the same side of the fence or not. If you are allies, your relationship can become the backbone of your family or social group; if you are opponents on any issue, you will fight to the death. There is emotional depth and seriousness of purpose here that will demand a deep commitment from the both of you. Because of this, you will be very sensitive to each other's lapses in conduct or breaches of ethics. This will prove a strain for you Cellisi, who will find your friend's inflexibility very hard to bear. He on the other hand may feel threatened by your freethinking and questioning style. Marriage between you can be effective in many practical areas (such as finances and responsibilities) but can lack the necessary spark to sustain active feelings of love over the years.

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