Pisces man does not say a word to me and it frastrates me. Help pls...

  • We had a huge fight a month ago, I said a lot of things that I actually meant out of anger and I figure he did not take them too well. nfortunately that how I felt and he had to know what I think of him. from there he vanished. I'm a cancer girl who is madly in love with this pisces man. I tried calling him with a work phone so he did not knw who was calling, the minute he has my voice he hung up. Whats up with him? cant he talk to me? even if he tells me to stay away from him I will. I just cant stay away until he tells me to. why is he ignoring me?

  • I feel like screaming and crying but I cant because I am at work...

  • My heart is turning stone.

    It gives me pleasure to get what I want and leave men hanging, I like seeing them hurt because it has been done to me.

    I cannot open my heart no matter how much I try, I went on vacation hoping to come back as a brand new person but I still find myself in the same position. all because of this pisces man. Our relationship has been emotionally draining for the past four years but I stuck around hoping that things will change. I hate the person I am turning to be. Anyone with a magic pill to take away the apin?

  • hey just reading your post reminds me of my situation....

    its been a month since my relationship with a piesces man ended. I am scorpio.

    we got into a huge fight under the influence of alcohol b.c i got a weird vibe btw this girl and him.

    basically i got jealous and nasty and he ended things and i haven't heard from him since.

    I've written one letter mailed it two days ago but basically have respected his decision to leave......it hursts like hell but ive realized that if someone loves you they stick by you not run and bail the minute shit gets rocky. Like as far as i was concerned we were great together and then my shortcomings presented themselves and he ran.........5 years up and done......

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  • CancerDiva,

    I'm sorry you are hurting! I too have lost a Pisces man recently. My moon is Cancer so I can relate pretty well.

    What I have realized with my Pisces man is that he really despises being questioned on his words. When he says it-he means it. I have a really bad habit of saying lines like "Guess I didn't mean that much!" or "I must not have been important enough", things like that. Although I definitely felt this way, he hated when I "assumed" he didn't feel love or something other. I was to believe what he said, bottom line.

    I also had a difficult time keeping him. Meaning when we started dating, a few weeks later I felt him pulling away or just being distant. He soon revealed he was dating someone (where we were just seeing each other). A few weeks after that happened, he wanted to rekindle. I thought we were just being friends when he blurted out one day “I thought we were dating?”. At this time he was getting ready to move out of town so there was no future and we both knew it. He continued to say he will work on himself and get his life together and come back. We talked several times each day and each day he would say he missed me so much, but still said he had nothing to offer till he was on his feet. Soon he revealed that he loved me. With this I thought for sure he was coming back. But a week later he said “I love you, but I know I can’t stay in love with you.”. As much as I would like to be with him, I know I will never feel secure enough. I will always question if he will leave on a whim. He as well was a VERY social person and I found myself jealous with some of his mannerisms. (my ex-husband cheated and I know this is where that insecurity comes from – a work in progress 🙂 ).

    From experience, I feel that Pisces are free birds. They want free reign on the world with no consequences. Their mind changes so much they rest of us can’t keep up.

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