Would appreciate a quick reading involving a Libra man

  • I have currently started to see a Libra man secretly. I am not involved with anyone, but he is. Obviously unhappy with what his situation is, I am wondering if anyone could offer me a quick reading on where we might be headed? We do not talk a whole lot about his situation, nor do we discuss a future for the two of us- but that could be because we are only in this thing for about a month.

    I have noticed that he is starting to talk more about his personal life, and has offered to do some nice things for me, where initially he did not bring up anything like that. Is this just an attempt to to further impresss me, or is he starting to look towards what could be between us?

    I am not sure that I am madly in love with him, but I think things could be moving in that direction...

    I am a Taurus woman and as stated in my headline he is a Libra man. I know that things could get complicated, but I think he is worth accepting the complications if things progress further.

    A quick reading would be helpful if I have given enough information...



  • What are the exact birthdates?

    Generally speaking, Librans tend to like unserious light-hearted affairs but Taureans prefer more permanence and commitment. If you press for a deeper relationship, your Libran will probably fly away. If you can be content with having him around only a bit of the time and giving you only part of his attention, then this will work (until he gets bored or restless). But if you want more, look elsewhere. Bascially, why would this guy give you more when you seem content to accept the little he does offer?

  • Hi Captain-

    Thank you for the thoughtful posting- you are appreciated! 🙂

    The exact birthdates are 4-28-1964 for me and his is 10-11-1969. And yes, I realize at this point I am "getting the scraps" of his time, but there seem to be indications that he would like to take this to another level. I have heard conversations with his partner and they certainly do not seem to be very loving or caring. I did have someone do a reading for me a few months ago and she a saw a tall, dark haired, dark eyed man coming into my life this summer in regards to romance and love. He certainly fits the bill- and three months ago I would not have even give him the time of day. What has transpired between us just happened...It's so very confusing because I have never been in this situation before. So, now that you have our birthdates, is there anything else you can help me with?



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  • According to your astrological profiles, this relationship will have its ins and outs and its ups and downs. This combination is bound to concern itself with trying to reconcile its partners' conflicting natures. A great deal of energy will need to be devoted to creating something settled between you, thereby stunting the overall possibilities for the growth of the relationship or of its participants. The upshot is that certain areas are difficult or unlikely, particularly a relationship such as marriage, involving children and a settled family life. You Sameesmom need to settle down, your friend resists it. Furthermore, your nurturing abilities will find no object in your friend, who probably won't want to be around a lot of the time. This will take most of the fun out of the relationship for you, Sameesmom. Group activities involving the two of you, whether social, family or business, are also problematic, given both your need to run the show and your friend's relative lack of interest in other people.

    An intimate relationship is likely to be unstable and stormy, especially if initial sexual energies run high. You will not react well to your friend's alternate coolness and explosiveness in confrontations; your stubbornness will kick in and your placid side will be tested. Your friend will know instinctively how to push your buttons, making you feel exasperated or even desperate. To top it off, he will probably grow bored with you in the end. Then you will either have to grow tougher or end up broken-hearted.

  • Captain,

    Wow that's was alot to absorb. I really need time to take this all in. Thank you so much again for your wonderful insight into this situation. Again, I do appreciate you and the time you took to respond me.

    Take good care,



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  • Good luck! 🙂

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