The heart of a scorpio man

  • Helen ~ I wasa thinking that you bring hom stability, which he knows he needs...but this may be another attempt to have fun and a little danger...I hope he finds this to be a major struggle and get out of it soon...but again, be ready because he will be back...You are his beaon of light in the dark when all goes bad...but you need to be emotionall y syrong when he try not to focus all your beautiful energies on what he's doing...give yourself some space...because when you do, thats the time he'll return...let go of the grip for now....get your mind off it and I want you to believe that he will be back....OK? I'll be waiting to hear from you again...If you ever want to email me direct...

  • I sent u an email

  • TruePhoenix:

    I came across this post b/c I have been trying to figure out a Scorpio male that I am desperately attracted to. I am a Gemini woman. You caught my attention b/c you are a Scorpio male and if I am to figure anything out, it has to be be from a Scorpio male. I apologize this can't be shorter.

    First of all, I am a Gemini to a T with a Scorpio moon. Funny thing is that I have always considered myself independent, feisty, and too dignified to chase a man. But I have found myself doing just that. I have known this man who is >10 years older for over 3 years and for the first year and a half or so, he didn't capture my attention. I thought he was so handsome but I didn't pay attetion to him b/c I was in a relationship (which he was aware of.) He did, from as far as I can remember, constantly compliment me or make "suggestive" statements that I didn't catch until days later, but still I didn't think a thing of it. I see him (work related-but distant) at least once a month and for about a year now, I have been helplessly in love with him where I literally dream of him. Anyway, b/c I didn't believe in pursuing him, I let him compliment me and tell me how "hot" I was, or how I looked good in red, lean in close to my personal space (while sitting on a stool-he would spread his legs very wide.) He even told me that he loved my pattened high heels which I like to wear-that suprised me b/c no man has ever noticed my high heels before. Also, before he leaves, he looks back at me. And when I am not looking, I intuitively feel and peripherally see him staring at me. I pretend not to notice but I see every move. He asks me all sorts of questions, touches my shoulder, or leg (gently-not sexually) before he leaves. He has always answered my texts right away and is ALWAYS very nice to me. His gaze literally gives me nice chills up and down my back. He looks very deep into my eyes. I am very intuitive and I know the chemistry is definately there. So, here is where the confusion begins, b/c of all the signs he portrayed to me, and out of frustration, and against my rules, I decided to email him but I kept it very simple. I told him how attractive I thought he was, I said I would love to have lunch or dinner with him, and I left my number. That was all I wrote. He DID NOT RESPOND lAT ALL. And he normally does right away to other texts. (BTW: He is not married. His wife died over a year ago. He is single.)

    So the next time I saw him, I was embarassed and my ego was bruised. To keep dignity in tact, I didn't mention ONE THING to him about it. I just let it be. I closed back up in hopes that he would eventually ask me out or something. He still hasn't asked me out, but confusingly, he still acts the same and stares at me with such intent. He asks me such personal questions and listens with such intent. It is so frustrating but it also makes me want him more. But since I have been rejected already twice, I dare not go there again and tell him how attracted I am to him. I just thought that is what you should do if you like someone. Anyway, is he just messing with me? Does he feel anything deeper for me or is it just a sexual chemisty that he is strong enough to withstand? Please give me some insight. I am a strong, very attractive woman and I have too much respect for myself to be acting like a love-sick fool for a man who will not reciprocate the feelings. On a last note, if I were to email him again and/or see him again, would it be a disaster to tell him to leave me alone and quit playing mind games with me? Or would it be more of a disaster to simply ask him how he feels about me?"

    Thank you-I hope you respond to me.

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