Feeling so blah lately...a reading would be so appreciated

  • Okay, so I'm feeling in the clouds lately, like I'm not really here, I'm sure it is affecting my relationships, I wonder where I'm going with life and my current relationship, and what is up with his psycho ex...I need direction and clarity, I feel so sad...not sad, like something vital is missing...any advice? Oh and is my mental disappearance affecting my gemini man? Thank you...

  • Hello Ariesgirl1980

    You mention his psycho ex, it may be wise of you to put some physical distance between you and your gemini man also, as it feels like to me that he is overwheming you with his problems and you are zoneing out. You are a loyal person and have compassion for those that touch your heart. At times you are taken advantage of and I feel you are at this point and time.

    Let me introduce myself: I'm a clairvoyant reader on this site. Shuabby

    You need to have some alone time and go within and find some answers to questions you have about life. You will suceed and yes you will marry and have children, if you do not already have children.

    I feel schooling around you are you interested in Law? as I feel you would make a good Law Officer and work with children and teens in the process. This is a stepping stone relationship for you that will lead you to another man that you will be marry to for the rest of your life . He is a bit older than you , but oh so wise , one that you will just click with on many levels and believe me you will know from the way you mentally connect when you meet that he is the one. I feel a truck with him (drives) a light colored one. He is coming so hang tight and make those changes.


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