Capricorns guys

  • Do capricorn guys play well with cancers? He's so addicted to being on a schedule and has a hard time opening up. I'm the opposite.

  • All Cappies seem to be work oriented and base every decision on their work.... Most cappies have a ocupation in the arts ,and music catigory any if its music that always comes first...But if you support his or her career goal and don't look at it as a stumbling block you will have a tie that will keep you close..They are not impulsive and are logical thinkers ..but sometimes they are the only ones who understand their logic...also they want to do the right thing for others but it sometimes gets confused with what they think is right for them instead... as long as you are faithful and noy smothering you may have a good chance

  • work always comes first with them. They all seem to want to be the best at what they do. You have to let them have there space and do there work they will make it up to you later. Its nothing personel its just the way they are. They don't show there feelings much. Can seem cold hearted at times. They do like you to cater to them. I have found they are a little like a cancer the more you push issues with them they will run. If they let you in they can be very loving but they have to know you are the one and if you are they will stand by you through everything. They don't like games they are grounded.

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