Help with Interpretation of HEXAGRAM 42 "increase"

  • nsaigal, the I Ching isn't really designed to answer yes or no questions such as "Does this person love me?" Like tarot, it gives better insight into questions like "What is the best approach to this person/situation at this time?", "What is the next best step to take vis-à-vis this person/situation?", or "What do I need to know about this person/situation for my highest good?" Also like most tarot cards, most I Ching hexagrams have both positive and negative meanings, depending on the question and the factors surrounding it.

    That said, I interpret Increase highly favorably in this situation. Below is an excerpt from the overall hexagram explanation given by compassionatedragon. Google it for the web address (under I Ching page 5, look up hexagram 42). This source and others also have a line-by-line breakdown of the hexagram, which can help you chart a best path through a situation.

    I understand the overall hexagram as meaning here that if (and ONLY if) you "have a destination" (i.e., identify clearly what you want—that you want and can accept this person's love) and approach him "without pride" (i.e., are humble about his earlier confession of love for you and genuinely grateful for it) and "virtuously" (i.e., honestly and gently on your part, without trying to manipulate him or the situation), and focus on really being your best, truest self with him ("seeing what is good, he imitates it; recognizing his faults, he corrects them), he will come to you effortlessly. Make good on your good fortune, and do good with it!

    blessings & light,


    Above; Wind, gentleness, penetrating

    Below; Thunder and awakening.

    This hexagram represents increase because it is a development from hexagram 12 (Pi – stagnation). The strong yang line of the upper trigram has sunk to the bottom and is rising through the lower trigram. This expresses the fundamental concept that to rule truly is to serve.

    It is favourable to have a destination. Now is the time to cross the great water. Crossing the great water means not only a journey of some sort, but beginning any enterprise.

    There is loss above and gain below. The joy of the people is boundless. When those placed above behave virtuously to those below them without pride, their ways are brilliantly illuminated.

    It is favourable to have a destination. The way is straight and lies in the middle. It leads to unexpected good fortune. Finding a wooden bridge or a boat, you may cross the great water. Increase comes at once and constantly. Every day brings unhindered progress. Heaven dispenses its blessings and earth brings forth its fruits. At the appointed time, increase everywhere.

    Wind and thunder are the image of Yi. The Superior Man, seeing what is good, imitates it. Recognizing his faults, he corrects them.

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