Is it an appropriate time to put my needs first ? Need an insight, or a reading.

  • Please, whoever is availiable, I would really appreciate an insight or a reading about this situation.

    I had an incredibly difficult year. My dad passed away from cancer and my twin sister has got a breast cancer, was operated, they've took all the bad cells out, she has just finished her preventitive chemo treatment and is going to start the radio therapy (optional). Doctors say the prognosis is extremely good, thank God. Anyway, I was working very hard this year so that I could help her financially, and in between did my best to help her in any way I could. She is married (her husband is very supportive) and has a teen age son. My question is, is it an appropriate time for me to go away on holidays, or should I stay in case she needs me ? I do feel very tired both physically and emotionally, but also I'm very anxious about leaving her. I think she would prefer me to stay, but I really need a break. So my question really is - if I do go away, will this decision have bad consequences ? Thank you in advance...

  • Dear VoplySoply.

    You've had a hard road to travel. Everyone needs a break from all to re-energise our bodies, spirits, and emotions. You will be more able to cope with al,l after you've had some time to nurture yourself. Do not feel guilty for this...It is time to care for yourself and rebuild your energy bodies back up again. God Bless you and know that you are Loved for all that you do. 🙂

  • Dear Violetangel, thank you so much for responding. In my heart I know you are right, it's just that it's so difficult to say no to my sister, considering what she's been going through. She tends to worry a lot when I am out of her reach. I know that's not particularly healthy, and probably deep down she knows it as well, but can't help herself. I just wonder whether this is the right time to start asserting my rights, however. I'll have to take a decision pretty soon . Again, thank yovery much fo your input and God Bless you too.

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  • Dear VoplySoply,

    I know it's hard to find time to nurture yourself. I, too, am taking care of family members who need my help and am challenged to find time to meditate and nurture myself. I have found the best way to do this, try to get out in a nature area daily and just relax in the sun, listen to the birds, look at the flowers or even listen to music. Try to find the voice within, because you know the answers to all. This process grounds and energizes our bodies and gives us the strength to move on again. Sending you many Blessings and Love dear one!

  • Violetangel, thank you again for your support and kind words ! Yes, being surrounded by nature helps a lot. I'll try to go out as often as I can. Lots of Love and Blessings to you too !

  • go on your vacation Volpysoply - you need the break once you recharge you will feel so much better & will be able to help your sister - If you do not recharge it will cause resentment & it will spill over into other areas of your life - you can always call your sister while on vacation -

    blessing & prayers for you & your family

  • Thank you, Shadowmist, I will. Blessings for you too !

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