Should I do something this bold? reading please!

  • This past week, I had the pleasure of going on a cruise vacation. It was amazing!

    The waiter that was serving my table was really cute, and I regret not telling him that I thought he was cute.

    However, the cruise director offered to tell him for me, so, is this a wise decision or not? I don't really know all that much about him, but I figure it's just for fun.

    What do you think?


  • Are you still on the cruise or in any way in contact with this waiter? You must allow for a period of time to pass to see if your 'holiday feelings' last after the cruise is over, or else you may find yourself in a situation that you want out of.

  • no, I have been off the cruise for a little bit.

    I don't know the outcome now, since I decided to send the e-mail to tell to cruise director to inform this guy about what I think.

    Do you have any vibe about the outcome of this?

  • I think this will only end in disappointment and frustration for you. You know nothing about this person except that he is cute. It feels like just an infatuation to me. I doubt you would hear from him again if you did contact him, and besides if he works on a cruise ship, you would hardly ever get to see him.

  • I sincerely hope that it turns out some other way, but I appreciate your insight. I'm just happy I decided to do something instead of sitting around waiting 🙂

    thanks for the advice.

  • Did you ever get the chance to speak to this waiter privately and get to know what he was really like, or did he give you any indication he was interested in you? People who tend to work on cruise ships do it because they like variety, travel, and meeting lots of new and different people.

  • no, I did speak with him, but not privately. Unforunately, he was rather too busy.

    But also the company forbids relations with guests, so it's definately kept on the down-low. However people usually extend an offer to the person they are interested in after the trip is over, because they are no longer guests on the ship.

    He told me he didn't particularly like his job at all. He sounded like he was sick of it. So I don't really know what his reasons are, however, he did mention that he is a student when he has the oppertunity to take classes.

    and well, from what I could see, yes! 🙂 he was very friendly, made an attempt to talk to me every night, and more than once I caught him staring at me either with direct eye contact or from the corner of my eye. We also had some physical contact, and he even told me I was beautiful.

    The last night, however, he was somewhat distant. But my sister swears it was because he didn't want to get too attached. 🙂 Most girls have a gut feeling when I guy is interested, and I sincerely felt like he was.

    I am really hoping that I get a reply soon from the cruise director. I feel like I missed my chance, but I know it would have been out of line for me to say anything during the trip.

  • It's an infatuation (made up of fantasy and desire) when you don't know a lot about the other person but think you love them. When you know all his faults and all about his past - and still like him (and when he sees your faults too and still likes you) - that's real love.

    I hope you won't be too disappointed and downhearted if this all falls through. I hope for the best for you.

  • haha well I haven't known him for too long so I'm just crushing right now. From what I could see, he's a great guy. I just hope I didn't miss my oppertunity, you know? I hate feeling regret.

    Thank you. I hope you are right!

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