Need interpretating tarot cards

  • Hi,

    i just used Tarot's 5 card reflection tarot reading. I received 10 of cups, King of wands, High Priestess, 5 of swords and page of pentacles. My questions was will he contact me next week?

    Background: I dated someone for a few months last year. Broke up for many reasons. Anyway, I asked on a respectfully honorary site and asked if he would contact me next year? The person replied yes but there would be challenges. Sometime in June, I believe he would. So, I'm wondering if he would contact me next week after a 9 month breakup?

    Can anybody help with these cards drawn?

  • Hi;

    Please let me tell you: LET GO!

    After 9 month it should not even be a question anymore. It is clear you still have feelings for him.

    I think sometimes that may not be enough. Try to get to see him, if you must. If he doesnt invite you out- give it up. It means his memory of you is not the same as your memory of him.

    Now the reading:

    the reading is good- it sows your happy memories from the past..the Kind of Wand- which is him.. Perhaps he is a Fire Sign or has a firey personality. But then again the conflict...and the unknown.. Which is exactly what you do no know and want to know. If there will be contact it will only over a material thing.. do you owe something? of does he owe you something?

    that is about it.

  • thanks for the response. I appreciate it.

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