S.O.U.L Circle July 17th 2011 - What did you experience?

  • 5 minutes to go everybody have a great experience, let's go guruuuuu


  • Hey where is everybody ?! Did the vortex sucked you up lol hey or did the godamn rapture happaned and i am the sinner left behind shoot that'll teach me to immerse in japanese culture rotflmao

    Don't know about you, for me it was inTENSE today ! So much energy, saw a siamese cat i think, light blue color, an Orb more like a polyhedron on fire, other things but got visitors now, will come back in about an hour to post the rest !

  • Hi everyone,

    I decided to sit outside and meditate today. I could feel energy entering my crown Chakra and I felt full of power. I was in a red environment and it slowly morphed into many other colors. I kept looking for others, or sensing someone there, I felt alone today, but I think it might be distractions from my present situation causing that, I am in turmoil right now. I did, however sense rather than see a pulsing off in the distance, a rhythmic pulsation, like a heartbeat. I guess more details will come back to me later on when I get a chance to reflect more on it.

    Hugs to you all.

  • I was there Seehorse. I didn't get to be there as long as usual. I sent light and tried to use a violet colored flame. By the way, I went to that Egyptian exhibit....it may take it a while to unfold though. Right now I am being called to a place of service...in both realms..so it might be a little later before I get to check in today and also respond to your email. I feel like I keep peeling away layers of an onion. Taking the first steps in faith and letting spirit guide me.

    Love and light,


  • Also I tried to send light to hold for you guys to release last week cause I couldn't participate. Did it work?

  • Seehorse...I am shepherding a flame this week...I've been seeing colors since I got the email....so I'm not sure what comes forth from this. I just know I go deep and it flows. I only tend to remember the start then no more. Just know my spirit has been really pulling me to go places like the museum, the circle today, the chamber tonight, and church today. I just know the guidance is strong and I must be in the state where one . To just be. If that makes sense.

    Love and light,


  • Namaste All,

    Similar to sunshine I felt somewhat alone with the exception of the earth and sky and all the cicadas. (What more could I ask for!)

    The angel card for this morning was Raphael with “Angel Therapy” Maybe that is for you Sunshine! (Could be a good one for all of us as well):

    Angel Therapy:

    “Give your cares and worries to us angels, and allow us to take your burdens.”

    Additional message: Have you asked us angels for help with your situation? We can only help if you give us permission. Right now, close your eyes and take a deep cleansing breath. Then mentally call upon your guardian angels and the arch angels to help you. Don’t outline how you want to be helped: just tell us what situation you’d like help with. Most important, be open to receiving help as it comes to you. The help might be in the form of a hunch, an intuitive idea, or a direct intervention. If you receive any repetitive guidance, it is important that you follow it.

    My thoughts: Many times, we think we are to figure out how to fix things ourselves and yet, the best method is to release it; to lay the burden at God’s feet and move on. It is similar to a child running to their mother to tell her of a small problem they encountered (“I can’t get the window closed in my room.”) then they run off to play while mommy takes care of it. If there is a trick to it, she’ll let them know later and if it was just one of those things, it is just taken care of and forgotten. No more involvement needed.

    As for my meditation…I too saw light blue but just prior to connecting, I got light green. Don’t remember much else other than an image of a humming bird. I did the white light vortex thingy only it wanted to become a cyclotron this time as the cicadas were singing a wonderful (albeit distracting) song of rising and falling crescendos over and over again. It was quite nice really but not very conducive to connecting but with nature herself.

    Directly after completing my meditation, I was visited by a squirrel (not in his playful role but as if going home) and than as I wrote down my experiences I kept seeing a moving reflection in the glass tabletop and looked up to see 2 blackbirds (don’t know which species) flying around in a circle just above me (like my vortex thing only slower or slowing down). I watched them for about 3 rotations and then as soon as I took note of them in my ledger, they swirled off to somewhere else. It seemed as if they were highlighting for me vortex of thermals directly above me, which dissipated upon taking note of it. Very interesting.


  • Oh and about that inTenseity...the cicadas were VERY loud and their crescendo caused me to pulse in their wave of song. It was quite intersting but felt solitary.

  • Interesting insights ! Sunshine, we all feel for you, whatever the problems good people always find a way to overcome the adversity ! As for the pulse, i felt like it was coming in waves, first from right to the left, after a while the energy changed rotation i think, did anyone else felt something similar ? Whenever you feel like it, please share more !

    Greystar, if the guidance is strong then follow it and enjoy the ride, who knows what awaits to unfold, but that's what makes life exciting, we don't know what follows ! Hey we need to hear more about the exhibit, Ancient Egypt Egypt is breathtaking !

    I believe, thanks for the card insight, yes the Universe always knows better, we all seem to forget that sometimes and behave like know-it-all upstart children (but it's so much fun to feel like a kid ain't it ?)

    I find this fascinating : "interesting it wanted to become a cyclotron this time as the cicadas were singing a wonderful (albeit distracting) song of rising and falling crescendos over and over again" could this be synchronization ? And the blackbirds circling a coincidence ? Could this vortex thing gain more power as we synchronize with it ? Do i need therapy lol i guess only time will tell, as we establish a stronger connection over time. Repetition breeds efficiency !

    Animal cards say Squirrel means preparation, get ready for big changes, Honor your future by readying yourself for change or lighten your load if you have gathered too many inside thoughts, stress, worry or gadgets, worries.

    Blackbirds symbolize the tie to Nature and her energies.

    They herald a new understanding of the forces of nature as they come into your life.

    Blackbirds with a yellow head are associated with the Angel Auriel,

    who oversees nature and nature spirits. Red-Winged Blackbirds are directly connected to

    the Goddess and primal feminine energies. It is also associated with the astrological sign of Cancer.

    This is what i could find, PisceanHealer would be able to provide a lot more information.

    This is becoming more exciting don't you think ?

  • Namaste to all,

    Sorry i didn't make it this morning, my little girl decided to climb in bed with me for the 4th night, i had no sleep, because she snores and moves all night long lol...

    love and light


    PS now i will read what everyone wrote...:)

    wanted to catch everyone because of our time differences

  • Ibelieve:

    Thanks for the animal interpretations, Seehorse! I like squirrels more when they are playful, oh well, more work for me but with insights. Okay I bite! And it is funny you mentioning for me to lighten my load…right back at me I guess! Lol

    I wish I could tell what kind they were but that was not meant to be, I think I was to note their actual spiral motion more than anything else and it definitely matched the cicada song. It was cyclical and yet emotional and dynamic at the same time.

    The other strange thing (perhaps more normal if I knew anything about airflow and thermals) but the biggest reason I could not tell what type of bird was because the sky was overcast but so bright so it was hard to see and had to squint. Yet right after I watched them against this bright white background, I noted it and looked back up to see them fly away, then the sky in that portion cleared to reveal a blue sky behind that same area but no where else. It was definitely awesome and exciting.

  • Sorry you could not join today MyJourney. I know I missed it last week and could not wait to get a chance to join in again today.


  • I agree Seehorse, it is exciting! Something is obviously happening with us all while we are in "the Circle". It is amazing what like-minded people can accomplish.

    Ibelieve, I did an Angel card reading on myself this morning,before the Circle I am not experienced enough, but the way I interpreted them, I got the same message you gave. That is amazing. Hmmm, I must be asking in the wrong way...... 🙂

    Hi Shee! Sorry you missed today, but I thought of you because the pulsating I was seeing made me think of your heart from last week. Maybe that influenced what i thought

    i was seeing.... anyway, there's always next week. Give your daughter a hug and let her pick a "guardian" .I did this with my oldest child when she was having difficulty sleeping. She picked a dinosaur and she was good from then on. 🙂

    Thinking of you all, will check in later, must go pack.

  • Thanks sister sun:) and ibeleive

    @ sunshine, did you find a place yet?

    Sending you lots of love, light,hugs and hearts



  • talk about flashes of light:)

  • sorry couldn't make this sunday, i was out camping and just got back, will be able to catch up with you guy's soon.glad you all had some great experiences.

    Love n light Bee xx

  • MJ,

    Or is it flashes of insight?


    Sometimes there is nothing for you to do but ask, you just have to have faith! Can you think of a time when your child just asks you to take care of something and goes on about her business knowing you have her back?

    What makes you think your GOD Father/Mother are any different. They have your back! Go live life! If you need to know something about how it works, they will get the message through to you. But if you stand behind them while they are trying to get it to work, adding your constant chattering about how/when/what/where and wait, here's a new problem...maybe you should stop and work on this...That's when I stop and look my son dead in the eye and ask him, "if you want to have another go at it, think you can do better, want to learn for yourself, have changed your mind or have another priority, then have at it! No one including me is going to stop you. Let me know when you have reached a decision."


  • My daughter had trouble sleeping last night. I told her that she has light in her heart that shines bright and it will scare any bad things away while she sleeps. She does well for a while since I told her that and then has a relapse and I remind her again.

    Strange you guys mentioned feeling like a child the other day. I don't remember what day, but one day I woke up with the curiosity, innocence, and free spirit of a child. Then I had this out of the blue thought about those who become like a child enter the kingdom of God.

    Sunshine, may a healing light find its way into your heart. Ibelieve...don't forget whatever you can do is always just enough...I spent a long time with too heavy a load. I have been simplifying my life in all areas. Decluttering my house and my life. Right now I am watching the girls while they swing and jump on the trampoline. They are too funny.

    Light and Love,


  • "those who become like a child enter the kingdom of God." How wonderful that was. And another piece of the puzzle of what enlightenment and ascension really is, i think. Forgiveness you said in another post IBelieve, and you're absolutely right. And today something some of us had forgotten. A child's heart. Innocence. Joy. Thirst for life. Light.

  • I feel like the past few days...I have been seeing how a child would see. Here is the message I got from the church session I felt guided to go to. To know God, it is a spiritual understanding from the spiritual heart not from intellectual understanding. It is to intimately know God on a personal level in some way. The second is part of a parents duty to teach their children about this.

    Soon, I go to shepherd the flame tonight. I am just putting faith that it will just flow. I keep getting the feeling to hydrate....so drinking lots of water. I'm a bit nervous as this is the first time I've tried to do this in this life. I keep wondering what will be left but keep hearing I AM. I now walk to take these steps of faith. Please say a little prayer in you own ways for me tonight.

    Love and light,


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