Purpose of life 2

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    namitha DOB 29/2/1980 11.19 am chennai,india

  • First off, you have to stop thinking you are a helpless victim of life, Namitha. You made certain choices that brought you to your present position and similarly you can also make choices to take yourself out of it. It's all up to you, not some random act of fate. You must learn to trust your own judgment to make the necessary decisions and make your life how you want it. With even a small amount of personal and soul work, you can do wonderfully well. You are a deeply sensitive person who must nevertheless overcome your tendency to consider yourself victimized, or otherwise overreact emotionally to hurts, slights and setbacks. Cultivating greater objectivity will be important for you, as will the ability to apply your intuitive faculties and keen perceptions to the task of finding out just what it is that stands in the way of your fulfillment. You will need to become more grounded and stick to your intentions and decisions in order to achieve happiness in life. Otherwise you may retreat from the necessity of more confident self-expression and hide behind either an overly modest, cool, rational, or superior attitude, which will only serve to hinder your possibilities of connecting with others. Your potential for success far outweighs your chance of failure, stagnation or suspicion, and your great kindness and desire to do good will lead you to the confidence you need. Your deep need to be loved however can be eroded by your other need to feel the acceptance of others. But you don't have to 'sell yourself out' to buy love. The more true you are to yourself, the better type of person you will attract. If you think of yourself as a victim, you will only attract those types who want to take advantage of you. When you show your strengths, you attract strong good people and situations. So lower your defense mechanisms and reveal your true self to others in order to become more balanced, mature and psychologically whole. Thus you will rebuild trust in yourself and others. When you learn to use your great powers of intuition to be a better judge of character, to be more discerning of those you encounter, you will know how to evaluate who you can trust and who you cannot. Only then will you truly show others what you are made of. You have courage and insight but you have buried these qualities behind a barricade of self-protection. Time to use your strengths to help yourself...you don't need anyone else to fight your battles for you and protect you - you have all the qualities you need to do that for yourself - if you will only believe in and trust yourself. Bring all your inner visions and dreams out and make them into concrete reality by applying practical grounded solutions. Your biggest protection and helper in life is your own strength, willpower, and self-love.

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