Purpose of life?

  • i am going thru a difficult seperation after 6 yrs of intensely emotionally abusive marriage. almost complete isolation has made my confidence and need for living a mere skeleton of my earlier self.

    i dont know if i can carryon much longer, trying to be strong for family is taking a toll on my mental stability.

    i want to know if i can consider life worth living. if i can get some stability in my career , independence and finances.

    sometimes ending it all seems worth all the pain i am giving myself and the expenses and hardships i give my family

    someone advice...is there hope?

  • Dear Rubyindie. "Ending it all" is never a good option, if by that you mean suicide. For a start, it's extremely selfish - just think how this would affect members of your family who do love you. That would be a blow hard to recover from. If by "ending it all" you mean walking away from the disfunctional marriage - by all means, do it ! Prepare the ground first, find a place to live , a job etc., and when you are ready, make your move. Try to get in touch with old friends, make new ones, and make as many professional contacts as possible. Internet is a great tool for doing all that. Also psychotherapy could help you a lot, if you find the right therapist. The worst thing you can do for yourself now is to remain isolated. And remember, there is always hope, but you have to take responsibility for your own happiness, no matter what the others say. It requires courage and determination, but what do you have to lose ?

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