Dear Captain, help me please? :(

  • Dear Captai,

    n I wrote to you a couple of weeks ago and you gave me some great insight, I will attach my first letter to you at the end of this one to help you remember me.

    Me and my partner have carried on arguing, every time we meet, neither of us want this all the time, yet we still love each other.

    However it has got worse now, as now he is wanting time out/space and even though maybe he is right that, thats what we need, I am worried that he will want to end things for good, as he said even though he wants it to work, he doesn't think it will.

    Do you see the outcome of this situation please?

    WIll we work things out? Or will he end this? And if so would we ever get back together or is this the end?

    I only want us to be happy and in love, I can't believe how something which used to be so good is now so bad.

    Sorry for all the questions, but i'm feeling quite overwhelmed and sad at the moment.

    I will give him the space he needs, how long do you think I should give him?

    Thanks again captain,

    Below is my original letter to you.

    Carmen xx

    Dear Captain,

    I'm a capricorn (5th Jan 72) and my aries boyfriend (17th April 1974) are doing nothing but argue, mostly over the same subjects each time.

    We love each other but it is getting us both down. We had our last arguement on Thursday and now he is giving me the silent treatment. How do I handle this silent treatment, What can I do to resolve this and to stop all these arguements and try and understand him better?

    We got together 17 April 2010.

    Many thanks,

    Carmen xx

  • It takes two to make an argument, Carmen. Why do you not try to stay calm and talk things through like mature adults? It is better to sit quietly and wait for your boyfriend to get out whatever is on his mind and then, peacefully and practically, try to resolve the issues you have. Really listen to what he is saying. Getting all steamed up never helps. Someone has to be the more mature one here or else the relationship will fold.

  • Thank you so much, i shall write down all issues and problems and ask him to do the same.

    Hopefully he will agree and we can try and resolve some of these issues without arguing.

    Carmen xx

  • Good for you!

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