Lost Wedding Ring

  • Hi everyone,

    My engagement/wedding ring set has been missing since April. We have completely torn our house apart in search of it, even the couch as we heard something rattling around but it was only a nickle. I know it is just a material thing, but it is truly bothering us that it is missing. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them. It is white gold with a princess cut diamond in the center, and channel sets on the engagement band that run under the center stone. My wedding band is soldered to it and has the matching channel sets.... if any of that helps 🙂

  • My first impression is of a male person picking it up and putting it in his pocket - a visitor or 'friend' perhaps? 'Finders keepers' is his motto, although he found it in your home - on the couch, I believe. Do you have any slightly shady friends or relatives? I feel if you ask everyone you know and stress how much you are missing the ring, you may twinge this guy's conscience.

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