New here! would love all insights about my signs!

  • Hello All~

    I'm a Leo born August 18, 1986 @ 3:33 am.

    I'm just learning about my birth chart...if I calculated correctly I am Aquarius Moon and Cancer Rising

    I've always fit the Leo traits - long auburn hair, 5'9'', LOUD lol and love to be the center of attention on the dance floor but now that I know I'm Cancer rising I know where my sensitivity and over analyzing everything stems from.

    Does anyone else have opposite sun/rising signs? Or want to share their thoughts about my signs? THX!!

  • Hi Auburn! I am a gemini with a scorpio rising, cancer mars, taurus venus, capricorn moon. Most people think i am a scorpio. People who know me well say I act like a gemini, I am not promiscuous in fact have been in nothing but long term relationships. I wanted to get married and have childeren at a young age, I love staying home watching movies. I do read alot and write (gemini) but I am very emotional and love being in love.

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