Need Help Identifying A Deck

  • Hello,

    I'm new here and been trying to put time aside for learning the tarot.I was browsing the internet for "the hanged man tarot" and I found a card that I like and immediately connect with.I was wondering if anyone could help me identify the deck so I might be able to later purchase said deck.


  • Hi ive done some googling and its from theThe Fantastic Menagerie Tarot

    Here is some info

    Description: Elements from the work of the 19th century French illustrator J.J. Granville combine with Victorian charm in this animal-themed deck. Assembled by the talented creators of the Tarot of Prague, Bohemian Gothic Tarot and others, the deck seamlessly turns Granville's anthropomorphic creatures into tarot. The underlying symbolism is Waite-Smith based.

    Hope this helps love and light loap:)

  • Sorry i forgot to say Welcome to tarot , i have been trying to learn tarot for the last 7 years in between raising kids and all. How long have you been learning it for? .I look forward to chatting with more on the subject . You are also welcome to join me on my thread The tarot learning circle it s a great place to disscuss any issues you have on tarot .

    LOve and light Loap:)

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