Anyone Want to Elaborate on My Reading?

  • Today's my birthday and I got a reading done. I chose to have a reading done about the future. It did a good job of explaining the cards in their placement and the card's general meaning, but I'd like something more extensive if at all possible.

    Self: Six of Pentacles (Six of Coins)

    Situation: Nine of Pentacles (Nine of Coins)

    Challenges/Opportunities: Princess of Pentacles (Princess of Coins)

    Foundation: Temperance

    Recent Past: Five of Swords

    Higher Power: Two of Wands

    Near Future: Three of Pentacles (Three of Coins)

    Blocks & Inhibitions: Queen of Swords

    Allies: The Tower

    Advice: Princess of Wands

    Long-Term Potential: The Magician

    I can provide more information about anything if at all needed. I found that the cards were a VERY accurate representation of what has been happening in my life thus far.

    Peace and Love, CALLTV

  • Hi Call TV, Happy Birthday i hope you had a great day .

    Ive tried to elaborate on your reading i hope this helps ,

    Card 1 ) Six of coins- Self - the card of giving and receiving pentacles relate to the things we have money and possessions and can also represent generosity towards you or you are a generous person .

    Card 2) Situation -Nine of coins-self satisfaction wishes fulfilled complete happiness regarding the situation .

    Card 3) Princess of Pentacles Challenges / opportunities -Good news is coming your way , this princess or what is called a page in the rider waite deck is very reliable , hardworking committed and cautious , I strongly feel that if you have been looking for a new job you will hear of one very soon .

    Card 4)Foundation - Temperance - The card of moderation and balance there is a need for patience when starting from the ground up , make sure you test the waters before jumping in head first

    Card 5) 5 of Swords Recent past - There has been a battle in your past that was never ending and its still haunting you today ,you need to learn from this and let it go in order to move forward .

    Card 6) 2 of wands- higher power - You are holding the world in your hands , calling the shots ,you have the power to make your own decisions , you are making plans for the future that will soon be put into action .

    Card7) 3 of pentacles -near future - The card of the apprentice , study and on the job learning ,you will be working with a team ,coordinating with others in the near future and achieving more than what's expected, you will excel at this .

    Card 😎 Queen of swords - Blocks and inhibition's - You need to be more straight forward and assertive , you tend to stew on things and this is whats causing these blockages you have , i feel you analyze them over and over in your head to the point where you have steam coming out of your ears , say what you feel when it happens so that it will be off your chest and not stuck in your head .Let it go stop holding on to past wrong doings by others, karma will get them in the end it always does .

    Card 9) Allies - The Tower - The Tower represents a sudden change that can cause upheaval and shaking routines up , having plans disrupted . I'm assuming allies means people,that will stick up for you and be on your side ,well i feel that maybe something is going to come too light about someone you are very close to something that will be either a shock or a surprise .

    Card 10) Advice - Princess of wands -The page or princess of wands represent good news coming concerning creativity or career opportunities . A new challenge is coming your way and this page will give you some advice it could be a friend or someone you are about to meet that will help you .

    Card 11) Long term potential - The Magician - A great card you will realize what your potential is , you will do what you set out to do you will take action , carry out plans and become totally committed to your purpose which will be very successful in the future you will believe and have totall faith in yourself ..

    Love and light LOap 🙂

  • Thanks, LoaP! It was perfect. 😃

    Wow, you were incredibly close/accurate on your interpretation of my cards! With regard to the Princess of Pentacles, it's funny you mention that; I just got word on Thursday that I got the job that I applied for! I'm very excited because it's a great opportunity and much better than my current job. The Five of Swords is ABSOLUTELY true and I'm not in a position to move on yet, but I have learned the lessons from the experience/fiasco. The latter part of your interpretation for the Two of Wands is definitely true. The Three of Pentacles is certainly reassuring since I will be working with a team at my new job and I work with a team at my current job. Your interpretation is uncannily accurate with the Queen of Swords for me. I do tend to over-analyze things, I don't always communicate in a direct, assertive manner (especially when it comes to issues that I'm having) and I do tend to keep things to myself and these are things that I've been trying to work on. I hate change and surprises with every fiber of my being, so The Tower card kinda scares me a bit, but I guess there's the possibility that it'll be a good thing.

    I'm currently in the process of closing a terrible (but enlightening) chapter in my life, so this is reassuring me that things are going to get better in the near and far future. Thank you so much for putting these cards into perspective for me.

    Peace and Love, CALLTV

  • You are very welcome Call tv thankyou for the feedback im glad that you could relate to it

    Love and light LOap:)

  • I really did. It gave me a different perspective on the cards.

    Peace and Love, CALLTV

  • Hi Calltv,

    i hope all is well ,ive posted the reading i done for you in the learning circle just to see what the others thought of how i interpreted it . Come over and have a look .

    Love and light LOap:)

  • Okie dokie, I'll have to take a look! =D

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