Reading please Desperate

  • 05-20-73, Fred . Is there love in store for me and what about my finances picking up? I really appreciate it.

  • Fred,

    Love is everywhere you look if you look through the eyes of love. Pretend that you are a French man and Amor is the conquest of your heart. You will never be alone for long Fred as long as you reach out with love from your heart. Sally and Dora are two names coming in here for you to ponder over in matters of the heart soon.

    Yes, money will flow in sooner than expected by means that have something to do with a key as I see a key which can also stand for a new opt being presented to you very soon by a friend with dark hair and eyes and he is always smiling.


  • Thanks for the reading Shuabby. On love I am still healing a broken heart that for some reason still hopes but its not painful like it was. I am dating someone right now and honestly don't foresee it lasting long.

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