Leo, Cancer and Taurus - lost in space lol

  • Im starting to like these three signs - Leo, Cancer and Taurus. Leos are very outspoken and sweet and thoughtful and warm never leaves room to interpret things the other way. More or less Leos are very transparent. Cancers can also be like Leos but not that much because they are more reserved and kinda hard to read like Taurus. ┬áTaurus can be also be good but they are so hard to read. Oftentimes do not say a word, disappears and is inconsistent.

    Soooo I am sort of lost who to choose between these three signs...lol

    I am thinking maybe a Leo is what I need.... ???? ­čÖé

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  • The thing with Cancer is that it's more important to look at their Moon sign when dealing with them. A Cancer with a Leo Moon is going to be MUCH different than a Cancer with an Aquarius Moon (which I have). Also, with Cancer, there is a possibility that Mercury and Venus could be in Leo (which I also have). A Cancer with a Leo Mercury is going to be more dominant than a Leo with a Cancer Mercury.

    There is so much more to compatibility than comparing Sun signs. I don't know what your chart looks like, but you should keep in mind that there are other aspects to consider.

    Peace and Love, CALLTV

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