Libra woman falling for a Gemini man

  • Two years ago, my two closest friends went to Florida for Spring Break and met a few guys from Philadelphia who they hung out with for the rest of the trip. That following summer, two of them came to visit here. I met them and we all hung out, both of the girls had a thing for one of them, Frank who is a gemini. A year after, my friend gave me Frank's number and we started talking. At first it was simply for fun, but I felt a connection with him, I had never been able to talk so easily to someone else before. We got to know each other last summer through talking almost everyday, I told him things I had never told anyone. I had been hurt in the past so him being so far away, allowed me to trust him because of that distance. My feelings towards him only grew, and over time he began to admit he had feelings towards me too. Over the past winter, our relationship became maybe too intense, it was as if we were dating, although we live miles away. We agreed we needed a change, that it should just be fun again. I've never felt this way about any guy, and I have a feeling it was fate that we met. I met a friend on a cruise years ago, we've stayed in touch. Turns out she lives only minutes away from him. I'm going to stay with her so Frank and I can finally hang out. Lately we've been distant, busy with our own lives. I guess I'm wondering if it's worth it to hold on to what we had, or to realize fantasies don't come true and I should move on... He's a Gemini sun, moon, and venus, and pisces mars. I'm a Libran sun, Scorpio moon, Virgo venus, Gemini mars, and Gemini ascendent.

  • Well, as long as there are no spouses or other people involved, I say go for it. Have fun and let this man into your life, the worst that can happen is that you discover he is not the one for you. Keep this fun and exciting, but don't expect anything more than just a freindship until you both meet. Good luck!!!

  • Forgot to add, that I am a Gemini and my husband is a Libra and we have the most wonderful marriage, all based on trust and love, so it is a good match!!!

  • My advice fellow Libra: JUST HAVE FUN!!! Aaaaaaah, Gemini men.... I KNOW just what you're going through girl. I absolutely adore them. I have a certain insane magnetism for em lol...But after dealing with a few, I've learned a lot: Don't make things too intense or emotional for him TOO soon, as most Gems RUN from this. Have your own hobbies, interests, and goals going on, so that when he's away, u don't "sweat" him too much....Gems, even with their sometimes cutting remarks and aloofness, tend to be remarkably beautiful inside and out(or at least the ones that I've known), but they like to be free(much like a butterfly)... so I can understand the temptation to just tell them how wonderful they are, and pour out your heart to them, but In my experience, this wouldn't be the wisest thing to do...esp too soon. From what I've learned, as long as you keep them guessing, and keep interaction fun, light, airy, and entertaining without being too needy, possessive, or emotionally heavy, he'll adore you for life...

    Hope this helps.

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