Just need an advice how to treet the information i got? please.

  • "but if you sent out the request for the person you want" bluecat123 can you tell me what doest it me?

    Shuabby also told me about sending request for the man )) but what doest it me? Must I start thinking about an ideal man , dreaming what i want?

  • ibelieve, thank you for the good words!

  • I would start with thinking about where you would like to meet, and what you would like to talk about, how do they respond to your dreams, and ambitions? how do they respond to your deepest secrets, fears, and past hurts? How do they respond to what you think is fun? What kind of work are they interested in? How do they feel about your bielefs? Abour your values? What you think is important money wise? How do they feel about children? does your vision for them corelate to how you feel? How do they feel about loyalty? Invision yourself on the journey of discovering all of this with them, who are they in your mind? You don't have to focus to much on his look, just whatever you see and feel happy about. What about him is different then anyone you were involved with that didn't work out, that you learned from and don't care to repeat? Who is he inside? So concentrate, but not to hard, on these things, just picture meeting and learning these things as if its all happend and perfectly natural to be happening for you.

  • Shuabby, if it happens that you come here, i would like much to ask you. You have made a prediction that i will meet someday my love, John) Maybe do you know where is he wandering now, my Jonh, and when he or i will find him? thank you!

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