Just need an advice how to treet the information i got? please.

  • Hello!

    I recently was told that my first marriage will be too short (about 7 years), i will be disappointed in husband, and that in marriage i will have two babies, and what than , i will be a lonely woman with two childrens, and will marry one more time?

    I just don't want to believe in this, i want one loving husband and a good long-standing relationships.

    And if it is really so, maybe i can avoid this first marriage and wait untill i meet the second man?

    Please , tell me something , this information is very depressive for me ((((

  • treAt sorry, mistake

  • Hello ! I am new here, is it possible to get an answer here? or maybe i did something wrong(?

  • Hi Marishkaa. If I were you I wouldn't believe everything I'm told. In fact, I was told by a fortune teller, that I was going to have 2 kids. That didn't happen and is highly unlikely to happen (my choice). That is just one person's opinion. Be positive and you will attract equally positive people to your love. Like attracts like, that is a law of life. In different stages of our emotional development we attract different kinds of people. BE the kind of person you want to have in your life.

  • VoplySoply, thank you for the supporting reply !

    sorry to ask, but are you Russian)?

  • Yes, I am. I suppose you are as well - not being psychic, just assuming it by your name 🙂

  • Dear Marishkaa,

    Sorry that you were given a depressive reading dear. I'm a clairvoyant reader and do not claim to be 100 per cent accurate but am at least 70%. I feel with you that you will send out the request as to what you want in a man to the universe and will attract to you a man that will be with you as long as he is distine to be in your life, weather that be 5 years or a lifetime.

    As for children I feel children with you a girl and a boy (twins) that will be such a joy for you and your husband to have in your lives. The girl will be very intutitive and artistist the boy will be into engineering.

    I feel the man you meet may be called John and he is light haired with a darker beard or mustash. He will like to hum or sing and is quite a lively , fun type of person, he will have faults as we all do and it will be your choice if you want him in your life and to be the father of your children, as a reading is a guide given much like a road map to lead us to a distanation.

    Hope this has been of help,


  • Shuabby, thank you very much! of course it was helpful!

    i like to sing too, we will sing together )). I will hope to be with him for a lifetime..

    Thank you!

  • VoplySoply - yes, I am too :))

  • I just wondering what the equivalent of the name John in russian ) oh, it can be Zhenya for example.

  • No, that would be Ivan, strange as it sounds. Zhenya would be Eugene. 🙂

  • Please feel free (as you are) to drop/release any messages you recieve that do not set well or feel right to you. Have you ever heard of sefl fulfilling prophesies? To keep information that means nothing to you in the back of your mind and try to avert it, can be the thing that leads you there. Best to release it completly from you and live as you go along holding dear to you the freedom of your own choices to make.

    Hope, desire, and then reach for the stars. This is not a sit back and wait passive thing but an active living, evolving thing.


  • Ibeleive, thank you , will try to do so, i don't know why, but i usually tend to believe in negative (.i think it's because of unconfidence.

  • Ivan? really strange...

  • In any sport or endevor, the team or the competitor that thinks they are going to lose or fail...WILL.

    So the only wat to succed is to have faith in yourself and belief that the best outcome is attainable.


  • Regardless of who comes in toyour life, its still your choice, you have freewill to make decisions, for instance you were told that, and you could hypothectically say, use birth control and have no children, or you could look away from every guy that seemed like the one if you really wanted too. Its still your life, you can't always control who will come in our out mabe, but you can decide how they will fit in to it, and how you would handle anything that didn't go perfect, you would learn from the experiance, be grateful for the good, and picture what or who, or where, ect that you wanted to for the future again.

  • Free will is a gift given to us by God (or whatever you call it). We should not dismiss it, bit accept it with gratitude and put it to a good use. Of course there are factors that to some extend determine general direction of our lives, like the upbringing, type of personality, accidents etc., but we still have a fair amount of control over our destinies. Why giving it up ?

  • Yes, bluecat123 and VoplySoply you are absolutely right. But maybe only very strong people can change the prediction, but i think i am very naive that's believe everybody who predicts me. my biggest problem.

  • You can change something like that, yes. Its a"this is what could be for you", this is how it could happen, once armed with that information, providing it was accurate, not trying to say it wasn't one way or the other, but once armed with that insight, its still up to you. Its putting the hands on the wheel of your own life really. It wouldn't have anything to do with being strong to change it, it could be as simple as taking a left turn instead of a right, subtle things, we don't even think about in our day to day lives , as we put the prediction in the back of our minds for keeping, and move forward. Another thing , sometimes it can happen but the timing may be different, so their may be other factors going on during that time that change an outcome, for instance you could end up wth the babies but you might not have met the guy in the prediction yet, Hmm how did this happen Lol? that left or right turn, the other persons free will, ect, or you can take it very seriously and work with it , say someone told you this is what you will do for a living, and so you say yes, I like that idea, and you go do it. I think with meeting future prospects it gets tricky, because I bieleve they do see what see for you at that time, if they are the "real deal", but that prospect has free will too,a nd they can change the course of thing as well, but if you sent out the request for the person you want, then theres a good chance you might just find them in some form or another, especially the qualities you sought after.

  • It is not strength that one needs. That is what others want one to believe; that alone, one doesn't have enough, that one needs the others strength in order to make their way. It is a trap to get one to give them their power of choice, their life, money and/or future.

    All one needs is belief. Belief in themselves and their God/higher power to manage whatever comes in accordance with their own ideals, to find what sets right within you. If you haven't the strength to move a boulder, find a lever to help, or a group will show up to help or go around it. But whether it be a lever or a group that shows up in your life, a true helping hand comes with no strings or obligations. If you feel like returning a favor, do so or better yet, pass it along to the next anoymous stranger who needs help. It snowballs from there.


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