Hello from Norway.

  • Hi.I discovered this site today.I am a tarotist and clairvoyant man from Oslo in Norway. For more info about me, be free to visit my site. http://www.aandelig.no Unfortunally the number is not useful outside Norway. I`m looking forward to view the thaughts and disscussions here in the forum, but now it is late and i am going to bed. So long.


  • Alrighty nice meeting you and welcome to the site! Hope you find happiness, guidance, insight and inspiration here! Welcome to the family aaronorway! 🙂

  • Hi Aaron, It is a honour to have you here, Hanswolf from Germany is helping me tremendously, but since you are on this platform i would request a reading for myself, dr.gagan.nagi (female)1 march 1977 and dr.jose.g.c (male)16 november 1978/1980 i am not sure about his year 1978 is better to use.

    Question: I would ask of the energy/ relation/ chances between us, the present and the future? Main focus on how he feels, or would feel in the future about me?

  • Hello aaronnorway,

    Welcome it is very nice to meet you, i hope you enjoy posting here and chatting to likeminded people , i am into tarot as well and would love to hear your insight on the subject i have been trying to learn it for the 7 years now . Look forward to chatting with you in the future

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • Welcome Aaron and enjoy x

  • Hi. I am sorry I do not do readings by the written word. I do a combinaion of cards and clairvoyanse and need to feel the energy of a human voice to do a reading. I do allso feel the energy of nearby persons of whom I speak to. Do anybody else allso lack the ability to do readings without a woice?


  • This post is deleted!

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