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  • Hi

    I currently have 2 jobs which are good. Honestly, I know which job I should take. But, it's hard for me to leave the current job.

    I understand that this is my life and I should take the decision myself.

    I'm 26 years old, my family has financial problem and this affects me a bit. So, I can't save money since most of my salary will be spent to pay my bank's debt (not much), food, and I give the rest to my family.

    I want a job which could lead me to better future, help me to pay my parent's debt, and more importantly I can save money so I can start my own life.

    what should I choose? my current job or my new job?

    my DOB is 26 March, 1985 - 10:15am (GMT -7) - Tay Ninh, Vietnam

    Thanks in advance

  • What is tying you to your current job? Are the conditions/money better there?

  • Hi Captain,

    My current job and new job are mostly the same and the different is.

    Current job: i'm work as manager + salary ok + 1% share of the company

    new job: work as employee + salary higher than current job about 1/2 + I know I can be promoted in the future since I will do all my best

  • But what is tying you to your current job that makes it so hard to leave? You need more money so that you can achieve the things in life you want and you seem certain of promotion in the new job. It seems obvious that the new job is the answer so what is holding you back? Fear of change?

  • I'm aries, so I always think that i'm the center of the universe.

    So, I feel sad and a bit worry. Since right now, we don't have enough manpower. If I left, maybe it becomes a mess..

  • If you always worry about other people, you will never have any time to devote to your own life. People will learn to manage without you - or are you afraid you would be too easily replaced and forgotten?

  • I just don't know how to say to him. Same situation when I left my first job.

    Maybe, I'm afraid that I would be too easily replaced and forgotten. 🙂

    I will send him the resignation letter today

  • Just say how much you enjoyed working there, but the fact that you are supporting your family means you need to take a better paid job.

  • Hi Captain,

    I sent my resignation letter to my boss. He raises my salary (much higher). But, I don't want to take it.

  • But didn't you want to stay at the old job?

  • I'm just too scare to stay at the old job.

    So, I still decided to go. I know I can be better and earn much more money.. 🙂

  • Good for you!

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