Evil Spirit Dream!

  • I had a weird dream last night and I was hoping someone could interpret for me. I had a dream about a guy that was possessed by an evil spirit. The guy became infatuated with this girl in my dream. He was following her and wanted to do things to her sexually. And the girl kept trying to run away and escape from this guy. I can’t remember everything, but I guess in the end the girl became possessed by the evil spirit. What does this mean?

  • Interesting dream, Piscesjewel. I think it's about co-dependence, when the other person's problems become your own. Like what happens with co-alcoholics (partners or children of alcoholics), for example. You are trying to escape, but get addicted to rescueing the person at the same time.

  • This dream is more about you than anyone else. It has to do with hidden fears that block your relationships. You often choose men that you feel very strong pulls for but then you find fault and a reason to let them go but it is about your fears of intimacy--a fear of vulnerability--loss of power. This is your higher self trying to bring things to the light before you choose another mate so you won't keep attracting the same situation. There is a fear of your own sexuality--that if you let out your desires somehow it will lead down an evil path--not feeling ok with your sexuality. There is a hidden shame issue as well. You don't want to be a bad girl--fear of being used or fear of finding a man hot in a way that makes your knees week---you fear you have bad taste in men and will choose wrongly and it will ruin your life. You do not trust your attractions and feel like that first feeling leads you wrong and you crave more control over yourself. This is not a bad dream and it is positive--it reflects some recent revelations you have considered and some break throughs about yourself. Be kind to yourself--you are ok and you can trust yourself. There are no mistakes just lessons. BLESSINGS1

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