Update on disappearance of Male Cancer!

  • So the cancer sent me a nice card apologizing why I hadnt heard from him. He said he thought he would of heard from me by now, his birthday was last week. I had sent him a small note saying I remember his birthday BUT it was nothing big No card or etc. I didnt know where we stood so I keep things brief. He called me beautiful and said he really wished he could see me (IM AWAY AT COLLEGE FOR SUMMER COURSES).

    He didnt mention anything about the poems I sent him and I swear to u before I open the card i knew he wouldnt it kind of makes me think he drew back because of it. Its always intense between us. He also spoke alot about why I didnt do anything for his bday. Then he said he hopes to hear from me very soon. I think Im going to wait I was offended by his disappearance NO I was hurt. I still dont know was it because things were intense or he just wanted me to get the hint that He wanted to be just friends( even though Ive always treated him Like a friend, I do like him though)

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