Genera question related to free phone psychic reading?

  • Hello,

    I am curious about how accurate psychic readings are and was looking to try it out for free. Any suggestions highly appreciated!! Hope you will cooperate.

    Thanks a lot

    Simon neil

  • Are there any free phone readings available? Don't you have to pay for them?

  • There's always a bait to hide the hook....

  • I agree with Seehorse there is no such thing as a free lunch be very careful as they are probably reeling people in hook line and sinker .

  • The Light ! I've seen the Light ! I'm enlighteeeeeeeened !!!

  • I've personally never done this before SimonNeil, but I would think they give you just enough "free" time to get you on the call, say like 3-5 mins, but then you end up spending well beyond that because all one can possibly effectively do in that short a period of time is introduce themselves, LOL! So within that allotted "free" time you don't really get accomplished anything effective/helpful toward why you made the call in the first place; they'd have to ask you enough questions and have you answer them to be able to get a good "feel" for your issue/concern I would think you'd likely go considerably over the "free" time; so be mindful/careful of that going in.

    Just my humble perception on the matter 🙂 Light and Love,


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