Brand New to Tarot Cards, Can Someone Explain It To Me?

  • I don't know too much about the art of Tarot cards but I'm very interested in it. How does it work? What is the difference between different types of decks? How does one's birthdate affect the cards? How does the placement of the card affect the card's meaning? How can one use the cards to help better themselves?

    Any information and/or a reading would be greatly appreciated. I normally indulge myself in astrology and numerology so I want to broaden my horizions, so to speak. Thanks in advance!

    Peace and Love, CALLTV

  • Hmm. The forums ate my post. In case it doesn't come back, I recommended Mary K Greer's book "Tarot for Yourself". You'll really enjoy it as you've got a sound base in astrology and numerology already and the book is written as an aid to use Tarot to better ourselves.

    Also check out this thread on the forums for more help and advice :

  • Oh, as a quick answer to your questions:

    Different decks have differing imagery and sometimes interpretation attached to the cards. The "standard" deck is considered the Rider-Waite (Smith) deck (RWS). This is recognised as the best deck for beginners to use and study.

    Birthdates are used as a way to "connect" with the querant.

    Different spreads in Tarot have different meanings attached to each position. For example, the first card in a 3 card spread may mean "The Past", the second "The present", and the third "The future".

    Also the orientation of the card has different meanings. A reversed (upside down) card is interpreted differently than the righted or divinatory version.

  • Thank you so much PisceanHealer (I love your username, by the way)! I'll have to look into that book. My birthday is tomorrow, so maybe I can make that a birthday present to myself. I appreciate your willingness to help open the door on Tarot for me.

    Peace and Love, CALLTV

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