Missing Planets in houses

  • I started this topic because after looking at my natal chart I realized I didnt have any planets in my 7th or 5th houses. Kinda confused.

  • It just means you have no issues to resolve in these areas of life -

    5th house - The house of creativity, and the Self radiating confidently outward. It's the arena of loving life through play, love affairs, self-expression and relating to children. Planets here also shape the way your father is perceived, as well as risk-taking and the exuberant thrust into new creative fields. No issues or problems there.

    7th house - This house holds clues to the tenor, style and lessons of your major relationships. That includes marriage, business partnerships and the big friendships in your life. Relationships are a mirror of the Self and planets here show what kinds of self-growth happens for us in that arena of life. No issues or problems there.

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