Reading/Advice for Taurus with Gemini

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    I've read Gemini and Taurus arent the best match, but we've had a really great friendship for the past couple of years, had feelings for each other but were in other he's been single for a while now and our relationship is getting more serious but I've only been single for a few months and had a hard time breaking it off with my Capricorn, so I'm a little worried about starting a new relationship all over again...any insight would be greatly appreciated!

  • I pick up a great closeness yet not 24 7---his energy and intensity would wear you thin. You could remain lifetime friends--and do best with other partners. He has a restlessness that shows up more when you live with him. What spirit is saying mostly he is at his best in small doses. He is fun--playfull--has a quik mind and can be very thoughtfull--is a sweet gift giver. On the down side he can be moody and irritible and likes to move around a lot--can just get up and go on a trip--loves others yet often has squables and drama in his family life. He loves calling up friends--dropping in on people unanounced. He doesn't like long visits--that side of him gets irritable and he needs space. He can speak his mind and often in public can be inapropriate--this can be funny in small doses but to live with him would feel like too much. You need your peace. He is a far stretch from a Capricorn--in fact he is opposite of your capricorn---I think you find him "refreshing" but what you are really looking for is someone more inbetween the two instead of to the extreme. Go ahead and enjoy your Gemini for now---eventually you both will agree to keep some distance and you do have a strong bond. Have fun but do not take it too seriously. You will not agree on the jelousy issues--this guy will always have lots of lady friends --and is often one of the girls. Taurus doesn't share so easily once she's serious. BLESSINGS.

  • thank you for your help blmoon(:

  • hi californean taurean can u giv me his & your birth chart

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