:( Reading please!!!!!

  • I wanted to know what you see in the tarot cards about my job situation?

    Because i don't understand how it's so complicated for me to get a job:(

    Sylvia Hernandez 5/22/1990

  • Anyone out there that could help me:)

  • Please!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi 1sylviah

    I put together a quick three card spread to hopefully shed some light on your situation.

    Short term prospects - ACE OF WANDS - well, this tells me your prospects are pretty good very soon. A new job soon is what this tells me. I can tell you are on fire to get one!

    Long term prospects - THE STAR - again, all looks good to me. The STAR tells me that whatever the ACE WANDS brought your way is going to be good for you. A wonderful job that you will really enjoy!

    Key factor - THE LOVERS - do you have your sights set in a specific area of job interest? This is telling me that you should be focusing more on what you desire (love) in a job, envision what you really desire, and that will attract the job to you. I understand that it can be frustrating when you look at the job market and feel like nothing is happening. The LOVERS tells me that activating your heart's desire for work will bring it to you. Also, I am seeing a friend, or someone very close to you helping you somehow, giving you a helping hand. Reach out to your friends for help in this... or perhaps a new love interest will help too!

    Advice - PAGE OF SWORDS.... write, write, write. Letters and a resume to where and with who you want to work. THis page is busy busy with letter writing. I would start sending out letters to every place you want to work, and then wait a week and follow up with a phone call to come in and interview. You will have a job quick.

    I see really good things coming quick, start writing (even a short letter and brief resume) and watch the job blessings flow! 🙂

  • Wow how wonderful!! Thank you very much for your time AstraAngel:) You just made my day:D


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