Interpret my chart?

  • Sun: Aquarius (28.49)

    Moon: Leo (27.22)

    Mercury: Pisces (3.35)

    Venus: Capricorn (29.26)

    Mars: Aquarius (0.02)

    Jupiter: Virgo (11.04)

    Saturn: Aquarius (11.32)

    Uranus: Capricorn (16.23)

    Neptune: Capricorn (17.57)

    Pluto: Scorpio (22.58)

    Lilith: Aquarius (3.09)

    Asc node: Capricorn (8.44)

    Ascendant: Scorpio (20.41)

    II Sagittarius (20.25)

    III Capricorn (22.23)

    IV Aquarius (25.54)

    V Pisces (28.07)

    VI Aries (26.28)

    VII Taurus (20.41)

    VIII Gemini (20.25)

    IX Cancer (22.23)

    Midheaven Leo (25.54)

    XI Virgo (28.07)

    XII Libra (26.28)

  • First house of personality-

    Scorpio rising produces a personality that is deeply reserved, secretive and determined. The power of the personality emerging from a Scorpio Ascendant is so intense, magnetic, and charismatic, that it is often somewhat overwhelming. With Scorpio on the rise your personality is very powerful. People find you hard to understand, to know what you are thinking at any particular time. There is a hidden depth to your persona that is nearly impossible for others to comprehend. Much of the time you may feel as though you are misunderstood. You are very willful and self-reliant, appearing calm and in control on the surface. Yet there are strong emotions at work inwardly. Scorpio is a water sign, and it is a fixed sign. This means that you are an emotional person. These emotions are very controlled (fixed), giving you the determination and the strength to overcome just about any opponent.

    . Everything is black or white. There are no shades of gray with Scorpio on the rise. Your penetrating stare can look right through a person or a situation. You can make an instant diagnosis and it is usually the right one. Pluto in his own house accentuates the power of scorpio.

    2nd house of money,possesion &values- Accumulation is not particularly important to you. Nonetheless, you are very effective in doing whatever you set out to do in a material sense. You are lucky in this regard. Your personality attracts financial success naturally. You may have a somewhat inflated estimate of your worth, and you can be extravagant in your expenditures.

    3rd house of communication &sibling-The Capricorn influence in the third house shows your careful expression of thoughts and ideas. You refrain from writing or saying anything unless there is a reason for doing so. This is why you may have a reputation for being secretive. Words are usually chosen for maximum affect. Sometimes this results in harsh and exacting speech. With your ascending node here the most difficult part which you must learn in this lifetime is to get your ideas across without conflict...Do you have a sister..if yes she needs to take care of her health

    4th house-family,mother,the mind.The most difficult part of your chart-The Aquarius influence in the fourth house suggests a strong demand for freedom in the affairs of the home. Your power drive makes it impossible to tie you down merely to the affairs of home and family. There can be many domestic upsets associated with this placement. You are likely to find it necessary periodically to change your address, and you never like the idea of moving.With mars,saturn & sun together conflicts can arise with the parents in particular.Early eduction mayh have suffered setbacks.

    5th house of love,creativity &children-The Pisces influence in the fifth house denotes a sense of frustration associated with creative endeavors, romances, and with your offspring. You may sometimes be disappointed and disillusioned in these matters. Yet you have a very strong need to be creative and to leave your mark on the world.With 8th lord in 5th difficulties in relationship are predicted.

    6th house-you are a hard worker &may work from home but again face setbacks in your career

    7th house of partnerships,marriage-The Taurus influence in the seventh house suggests one who is a loyal but jealous marital partner. You are conservative and discriminating in choosing a mate. Once you've picked someone, the marriage usually sticks, although it may be stormy sometimes. There is a much stubbornness in both you and your partner. You seek a marriage partner expressing the qualities of Taurus; easygoing to a point, but stable, steady and sometimes stubborn. Marriage is for love, but a few material luxuries help make the union a success. Often, marriage and other partnerships bring material benefits.But marriage involves a lot of communication between both of you.u may meet your partner through the net.

    8th house of obstruction,inheritance,sex-The Gemini influence in the eighth house brings a healthy curiosity about the mysteries 8th house matters.Difficulties on account of children,love relationships.

    9th house in cancer-You are very adaptable culturally, feeling much at home away from home. You could adjust easily to life in a foreign country. You react intuitively to all people and cultures.

    10th house in leo-The Sun rules Leo, and when the Sun has dominance on the Midheaven (tenth house), the ego, executive ability, and leadership potential are all emphasized. Public recognition is all important and you must be sure the ego does not get out of hand. If you maintain a proper perspective, you are likely to get a position of leadership and authority, and be admired for your accomplishments. You are happiest running your own can create an impact on people with the work you do.

    the Virgo influence in the eleventh house suggests a readiness to serve close friends. Despite a certain aloofness, you work especially hard for the welfare of companions. You can be content to defer to the will of the majority in groups in which you function. You're never altogether comfortable in a crowd, and you don't crave a wide circle of friends. At times, you can be sharply critical of your associates.

    The Libra influence in the twelfth house suggests that much of the time you are a loner with some apprehensions regarding reliance on others. Your partnership arrangements, including the marriage, may be fated in some way. For no discernible reason, acting in collaboration with others, rarely works out well for you. The necessary lesson in this house is cooperation and the development of a more outgoing personality. With the 12th house of loss intervening on your house of siblings it is possible that you may have lost a sister at an early age.

    Let me kno hw you feel abt all of this


  • Nailed it! Sorry for the time distance between my last log in! ❤

    I'm new to all of this but I've been looking into the houses more and more they're fascinating. I've also read that the 12th house represents what type of partner reveals your "higher self" to you or something like that. So for me it would be someone with a dominance of libra in their chart. What's your opinion on all of this?

    Also what's your opinion on cusps? My chart says I'm Aqua, and I am, but I have SO much water within me and a lot of piscean traits... Maybe it's my rising sign. Who knows.

  • Hi I am new to this site ! Loving it so far . I was wondering if anyone could interpret my chart please ?

    Sun Aquarius 5.03 Ascendant Sagittarius 24.54

    Moon Leo 16.42 II Capricorn 25.46

    Mercury Capricorn 14.49 III Aquarius 29.05

    Venus Aquarius 5.48 IV Aries 2.45

    Mars Leo 0.16 R V Taurus 3.21

    Jupiter Gemini 27.09 R VI Gemini 0.07

    Saturn Leo 28.49 R VII Gemini 24.54

    Uranus Scorpio 16.07 VIII Cancer 25.46

    Neptune Sagittarius 17.32 IX Leo 29.05

    Pluto Libra 16.42 R Midheaven Libra 2.45

    Lilith Cancer 0.53 XI Scorpio 3.21

    Asc node Libra 8.06 XII Sagittarius 0.07

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