Im a newbie needing help

  • hey all! I am New to tarot, I have reading and studying for about a month. I currently need help interpretating 2 particular Tarot readings i have done for myself:

    I did a reading on how a woman felt about me and I have a hard time making interpretation of meaning with Courts and major arcana:

    Her Feelings towards me are:

    VIII Strength/ Clarified with: X Wheel Of Fortune

    Queen Of Cups/ Clarified with VII of Cups

    I Magician/ clarified wth II of Cups

    6 of Cups/ clarifiend with IV of cups

    I drew a extra card with each Main Card for extra "help" on meaning or whatever.

    SECOND READING: This was a GENERAL Tarot reading, I just wanted to get a general feel for things to come into my life as a whole...


    VI of Cups

    VI the Lovers

    X of Cups


    Queen Of Pentacles

    XIII Death

    II of Cups


    XIV Temperance

    Queen of Cups

    X Wheel Of Fortune

    NOTE: 2 Aces appeared and I "exalted" them, The 2 Aces were Ace of Cups andAce of Wands.

    The ace of wands was originally one the PAST position cards and The Ace of Cups was originally one the Future position cards. If ANYBODY could help me interpret EITHER reading and their meaning, I would be very grateful. thi NOOB needs help in to this new realm of tarot i am in!! HAHAH thanks to anyone!!!

  • Hi Kingofslurpeecups,

    Ive interpreted your second reading as i felt the first one was to scattered and i couldnt make sense out of it .

    Your cards for the past

    6 of cups - represents happy times in the past , a lover from the past is coming back into your life and with this card paired with the lovers i strongly feel that this is the case .

    The lovers - A decision needs to be made regarding a relationship and a choice must be made between 2 lovers one from the past that is coming back into your life through the 6 of cups and one that is coming into play very soon in the near future .

    !0 of cups - In the past i feel there was in a family unit with a partner which brang you the extreme happiness and joy , i feel there is a longing for this again and this represents the happy times in the 6 of cups i strongly do feel that you will experience this again in your life .

    Your cards for the present-

    Queen of Pentacles a down to earth woman who i is very nurturing a lover of nature and animals , she is very supportive , loyal and reliable ..

    She is very committed in a relationship , she is very good with finances and often had a career in banking or accounting .

    Death - Change is on the way you need to let go and allow these changes to take place ,i feel that you are going to go through a transition in your life where one door will close and another will open for you , you will be moving into the unknown embrace these changes do not fear them its for the best and you will soon realise this.

    2 Of cups - You have made a wise decision with the lovers card as a long lasting relationship is coming into play or happening at present which i strongly feel will lead to marriage in the future..

    Your cards for the future-

    Temperance - I feel that your energy is scattered , you are doing things in excess in all areas of your life , you need to reassess what it is that serves you and what doesnt moderation and balance are the key to experiencing harmony you also need to have patience , i feel you need things to be done quickly you dont like to let the grass grow under your feet ,take some time out and slow down as you are burning the candle from both ends , this is a lesson that you will learn from i see you realising this in the future .

    Queen of Cups - An emotional and sensitive lady who wears her heart on her sleeve she is very loving gentle , kindhearted compassionate , she is very intuitive ,and has a nurturing personality . I feel this lady will come into your life and she is going to be a strong influence ,I might add i feel these 2 queens represent choices in the lovers cards .

    The wheel of fortune - In the future you will be going through a period of ups and downs there are lots of changes coming into play , you need to go with the flow you must not not feel discouraged by theses change which will bring minor setbacks and be disruptive to your plans, as soon the wheel will turn in a new direction remember its only a temporary phase that will soon pass ..

    Hope this helps love and light Loap:)

  • thank you BIG time on the second interpretation! I have issues with getting meaning out of cards in combination! do you think the QEEN OF CUPS could represent the same woman from my first reading. sorry bout the first reading being "scattered" I just kind of drew 4 cards then, wanted a bit more "clarification" on each meaning so I drew a extra card for each. i am definitely oing through BIG changes right now, im very happy you clarified that with DEATH. THings seem to just be FLYING by me in my life right now. things were slow for a long timem, now it's like im riding in a corvette. as for the LOVE issues of the reading, I dont think ive directly made a connection yet. but the possiblity can be there, who knows. I do feel as though the QUEEN OF PENTS represents my grandmother, as i have been helping her around her house. simply just making things easier for her. I just HAD to get help with these readings because I have been Haunted by these cards in particular: DEATH, QUEEN OF CUPS, TEMPERANCE, ACE OF CUPS, HANGED MAN, KING/KNIGHT OF CUPS, WHEEL OF FORTUNE, and lastly 6/2 of CUPS.

  • Hi KOSC,

    You are very welcome , im sorry whenever i look at your first reading i still cant make sense so im not sure if it is the same girl or not i have a tarot thread i started called the tarot leaning circle . I will copy and paste your reading there as their a few more experienced readers than i am over there . and they will be able to help you interpret these cards come and join me over there here is the link

    Love and light LOap:)

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