Missing necklace

  • Can someone please help me to find a sterling silver starfish necklace. It was a special gift from my spouse and I really wish I could find it. Last seen like 4 weeks ago. I've been moving around to different locations a lot so I am not sure where it has been misplaced. Please help!

  • I see a woman (you?) lifting up the ruffle of a chair or sofa and saying "Oh, there you are!"

    Have you had any animals around you lately?

  • I will have to look in all 3 of the houses I've been at the last few weeks. But I do have a cat at one house who likes to take things and a small dog at another house. Thanks for the advice!

  • Can you offer any advice about the colors of the house that you see or the color of the chair?

  • I am getting the colour blue, not sure if that is the house or what. I do feel an animal was playing with your necklace and dragged it under a piece of furniture with ruffles or a longish cover. Somewhere dark where they could play in peace, undiscovered.

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