Hi Watergirl18... May I seek a reading from you?

  • Hello,

    Just curious what insight do you perceive for my friend and me?

    Me: Nov 8, 1963

    Him: July 8, 1954

    Thank you in advance Watergirl! Light and Love surround you!


  • Hi TT,

    I can see that you are feeling very strong emotions for this man - great feelings of love and devotion. You want a fulfilling and rewarding relationship with him and are yearning for a successful outcome. However, I believe you do have a nagging feeling of fear or apprehension about this - that it is not going to work out.

    This is coming through as an old flame that re-appeared in your life recently? This resulted in an opening of your heart - like you had been emotionally cut-off or shut down for a while. But it also feels like he left or departed - there is some sort of separation which is what is causing the feelings of disappointment right now. I am also getting that he might be married or going through a divorce? If not, then it's possible that he may be seeing someone else at this time.

    You have a difficult decision to make which requires you to find your emotional center and be practical and sensible, but so far you have been allowing yourself to live in the fantasy of this deep psychic bond you feel the two of you share. I'm sorry - I know it's not what you want to hear - but this is coming through as an unrealistic plan - a dream that will not materialize. You are having such difficulties in putting him out of your mind even though I feel you are aware at some level that this isn't going to come to fruition. You are stuck in a "can't have, can't let go" emotional rut of sorts.

    The near future shows you still clinging to the illusion and not wanting to face what you need to face, but eventually opening your mind so you can see and/or hear the truth. You may at first feel defeated or depressed by your unfilfilled dreams, but please understand that this negative situation must come to an end in order for you to heal. Self-realization and spiritual awakening will come first followed by healing.

    Spirit is relaying that what you want - your wish - will be fulfilled, but not in the way you think. You will be beginning again on a new foot and with a new partner.



  • Hello Watergirl18,

    Thank you for this insight! It has me boggled in the mind unfortunately 😞

    I have a feeling that you may be picking up a cross of two different men as this reading sounds like it is alluding to such 😞 I am currently in sort of a "triangle" of a situation wherein I am still entangled/living with my husband (DOB Oct 7, 60) as we are awaiting plans to proceed in divorce once joint financial matters are resolved between us and we can sale our home; we have been "estranged", not practically as a loving/married couple for more than 3 yrs. I do still love and care for him, but I know that we have come to the end of the road after 20+ yrs of marriage. It is a bitter sweet decision; he is certain that he wants a divorce but it is I who is struggling to complete 'break away' emotionally after so many years and two grown children however there is no real intimacy/romance nor mutual love left; it is just familiar and a comfort zone. Change is not usually easy for us Scorpios as we are very possession and "fused" with the one we love, but deep down I know it is time to move on; my gut and heart knows it too it is just not an easy thing to accept. I am concerned about after being in the same relationship as the girlfriend then wife/mother for the last 27 years that I will be single/independent; the thought of that does scare me sometimes; the newness of it all; finding the 'new' identity of me that was covered for so many years as wife/mom. Reconnecting with self, while a blessing, all of the unknowns of the future doe become a little unnerving at times.

    The July date of birth I gave to you belongs to a long lost love of some 30 yrs ago that I was once head over hills in love with as a young girl. We became reunited online approximately 12mths ago and the soul/spirit connection that we had then is still there and has grown stronger. He is 5 yrs divorced after ending a 22yr marriage (same as mine); he too has 2 grown children. We couldnt be together so many years ago due to the fact that he was career military and I was much younger and just beginning my life; we met in the military. I needed to establish/learn myself at that time; the "timing" was not there then. We lost contact then; although he searched for me for 14yrs and could not locate me as he was due to looking for wrong last name and not knowing my married name although my number was unpublished. We "coincidentally" reconnected out of the 'blue' once divorce was declared in my marriage. I believe that it was his energy all of those years that attracted me back to him when the 'timing' was "right". We do love each other deeply and sincerely; we feel as though we are the two halves of a whole. The biggest apprehension I have about him is the distance, approx 800 miles separates us 😞 It concerns us both, but we believe in time things will work out as they should.

    I have not felt a concern about his relationship status with me (whether there was someone else in his life), but your comments in the first paragraph above concern me at this stage. He has been divorced 5yrs and basically has been as a 'hermit' healing from a broken heart after the break up of his family in divorce; he vowed to never love so deeply again. He is retired military. There is a very very strong, like you said, almost psychic bond between us; we feel/sense each others thoughts feelings; the vibe/energy between us has like a mind of it's own it seems to us, but it feels so right, so like 'what we've wanted to feel our whole lives'. The missing link, if you will. We've grown a very close and supportive friendship/bond/relationship these miles away. Also he has experienced the situation that I am in with my marriage.

    Like I said, it seems like you describe a "mixed" vibe about the two men in my life; and I guess rightfully so; one is not quite finished/closed although in the process; while the other started years ago, before my husband and never got a chance to fully blossom and yet is in an 'infant' stage of powerful energy that is having to be "contained" for now due to our separate living circumstances at this time. So I do have the vibe/energy of both these men around me (in my life).

    What are your thoughts regarding this additional info Watergirl? Is it possible for these things to mix over in a situation like this? Do you feel "see" anymore concern for me with this long lost friend that feels so perfect and right to us both. We both have never experienced the level of Affinity that we have/share toward each other; it is amazing!!

    I appreciate your energy/effort Watergirl18!

    Light and love to you,


  • I'm afraid it was indeed about the Cancer man. The only part that may have come through crossed was who was going through the divorce. But I asked about HIM not your husband (since I was not aware of him) and he came through as someone from your past who was now separated from you some how. It also came through strongly as a fantasy based on nostalgia. I believe this is the "near future" that showed you not wanting to let go of an illusion. Sorry, hun. I just don't see this working out the way you want or hope.



  • Wow, even more discombobulated. Thanks for the additional clarification Watergirl18!!

  • Hi watergirl18

    8 months ago you replied to my post saying I am going to meet someone within 3wekks to 3 months and that he has light hair and some beard and he plays an instrument. I wish you could help me with that.

  • That wasn't me sweetie...

  • oh i was sure it was you 😞 too bad because i am with a new guy and wanted to check if it's him you was speaking about.

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