Please, I need help with reading

  • Hello TheCaptain,

    A while ago i have discovered the Tarot cards and soon I've realized that are not only cards but more than that...since then I tried to learn every day more about them , to understand the messages I received and to take it as a potential advices.

    I'm in a relationship and as you probably thinking already, I 've ask my cards for advices, but is hard , you know there is the tendency to read only the good thinks ..but not only good thinks are in life ..right ? .Please, could someone do a reading reading for me, please help ....I'm desperate....I would like to know the good and not good thinks... I'm ready to listen in regards the future of this relationship.

    Stefania 19/05/1967

    he is 27/01/1977

    Thank you & have a good day

  • You and your partner: this is difficult for a long-term love relationship or marriage. It emphasizes thought, reasoning and connection. Reinforcing both its partners' mental sides, the relationship tends toward perfectionism and is sensitive to the beauty in mathematics, logic and design. The problem is that it might apply these attitudes according to a double standard, being quite blind about its own lack of logic. Reserving critical scrutiny for others, in its enthusiasm and optimism, the relationship may lose the ability to see itself and its goals clearly or realistically.

    A love affair here will be wild and unsettled. Neither of you is known for stability in this area, and your coalescence here can get pretty chaotic. On the other hand, the relationship's excitement, sexual tension and energetic expression can often be thrillingly romantic. Since freedom and infidelity are also magnified here, marriage is not recommended. If the two of you are looking for a friendship with few responsibilities and a great capacity for fun, this relationship is it. But it can be somewhat of a fair-weather relationship, lacking depth, with the two of you becoming less interested in each other during times of need. Financial responsibilities also tend to be a bit lax.

    Enjoy this relationship while it lasts but don't have any longterm or serious expectations, or you may end up bitterly disappointed.

  • Thank you very much , TheCaptain I will take your advices in consideration.

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