Watergirl...please help.

  • I have been reading other reading you have done for other people and I was wondering if you could help me. I recently got out of a 7 yr relationship and dont know what I should do or where to turn. Can you give me any advice? My birthday June 4th 1987, his January 9th 1987.

    Thanks so much!

  • Hi Sheppie,

    I will do a reading for you tomorrow...



  • Thank-you so much!

  • Hi Sheppie - sorry for the delay. I did a reading for you and can see that you are really grief-stricken and heartbroken over this break-up. I know it's hard, but just remember that you are going through a period of healing. Healing is painful, but necessary. Just ask anyone who has ever gone through surgery - the most painful part is when they are recovering/healing from it. You are going through a major life transition...you both have outgrown each other and it is indeed time to break the ties, realize it has run its course and move on. The love you felt for each other will always be there, but you are now meant to be friends. Remaining committed to making this relationship work and persevering with any attempts to hang on will only cause you more grief. Your challenge right now is to let go of what you THINK you want or need (him) as this does not leave room for betterment - for the Universe to provide something better for you. Start the process of letting go. Clear away this emotional debris - the feelings of attachment and loss - and begin to move into the new and unknown. Give yourself some time alone and please do not try to force the resolution you want. Accept what is so you can break away and begin anew with a new lease on life! Your future shows a new romance and building the foundation for a committed and positive relationship...joy, happiness, and celebration. A rite of passage and coming of age, provided the obstacle of releasing the past is overcome.



  • Watergirl

    Hate to mess up the vibes but my resentment anger and disappointment is boiling out of control and it seems the storm or volcano is just about to spew any minute. I'm trying to control my urge for self destruction by positive thinking and positive actions. I'm really trying and it seems like one thing after another and another to make matters worse I keep it inside and try to make it better by doing something else to calm myself. When times like this happens, I begin to think of all the things that got me here, my abusive childhood (and being forced to deal with keeping all those emotions bottled up until I graduated) really distracted me from school-I was very capable and brillant but home life took it's toll, my selfish piece of shut ex that bailed on me just when I was to go to school.and I try to let that go (my ego was severley bruised more than anything) by trying not to take it personally but I think about it completely and begin to hate his intensely and resent his actions because they affectedme school wise as well. Look where I am now, sometimes it seems I will never be able to make it out. May you please help me!

  • Asia - I will answer you on your "Chatroom" thread...

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