Tarotlilhelper Reading Please ?

  • Good Afternoon 🙂

    May I have a reading also please?

    I was wondering as to what you see for the next Three months; in regards to a renewal in Friendship with someone I use to date.

    Ex: June 30, 1950

    Myself : April 21,1973

    Thanks In Advance 🙂

  • you see your ex as a stable steady firm person a solution solver he sees you as a survivor someone who has been through a lot somethings concerning health with you or money worries... he would like to connect with you on an emotional level the sentiment in the air is positive between the two of you .....you want this relationship to have clarity, issues to be resolved, peace and harmony this time around you want love to conquer all... he at this time is in internal termoil wresting with the beast within he may even think that he's not good enough for a relationship with you (subconciously) security money and home family is very important to him and would be significate themes in any relationship with him your desires concerning him will be fullfilled if you so wish to persue this man there may be a few blockages but nothing insurmountable

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks to the BOTH of you!! You two are so kind to reach out to me.

    I will keep you two posted on what happens this Summer.

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