Can I ask for a very short reading please?

  • OK. Even a yes or no answer would work really. I had been in this situation before so I dont want to get hurt again since it seems like I never learn. I started to work in abroad a week ago and yesterday I met someone who also works here. I feel connected but I just want to know if he feels the same or at least if there is any chance. I will work here at least for a year or so and I dont want to get obsessed with him for a year or something because I really like my work here and I really want to enjoy it as much as possible. Thank very much.

  • Can you post both of your birthdates or maybe a photo of this man? Some information is needed in order to tune into your vibes.

  • Mine is 17/09/1987 but I dont know about his birthdate 😞 He is quite tall and blonde with long hair. I have a photo of him but it is when he is on the stage with other people and should I post it here or anywhere else I could send it to you? Thank you very much again Captain.

  • Post his photo here if you want. But Ivvi, you should just relax, be yourself, and let this guy approach you in his own time. If he doesn't ask you out, then you will know he doesn't have any strong feelings. Just be as friendly as you are to anyone else, but don't think of or focus on him obsessively in case your feelings aren't returned.

    I feel this may just be a symptom of your sexuality trying to break out - allowing your passion to be unleashed with the right person will liberate you and open the door to the creativity you know lies dormant inside you. You tend to have very high hopes in relationships of all kinds, which only masks your fear of being unable to sustain them. Watch your unrealistic expectations and make really sure someone likes you before you fall for them.

  • Yes this is all true but t doesnt happen with anyone I feel attracted to. It was with him in this case and I felt like he might be feeling something too. Even just bit interested maybe. We dont have to go out but I would really wish that there is a way to know if I am right about his feelings- when I say he seems interested. Besides that you are right. If it will change something on your comments then I would post the picture. Thank you again 🙂

  • I would like to see a recent photo of the two of you together in order to see what feeling may lie between you.

    Alternatively, you could just ask him if he wants to go out with you. Then you will know for sure. But don't just let him use you for sex - that never ends well.

  • I see but we dont have any photos together. Thank you very much again and you are right about what you said about me-agan. Maybe there is a past life connection or something- I dont know much about past life thing though. I know there is something since my mind doesnt let him go that easily.

    oh I have never been open enough to ask if someone wants to go out with me.

  • Maybe it's time you opened up in order to get what you want? Or put your mind at ease one way or the other...I do feel there is another person or two involved with this guy, however.

  • You mean he has a partner or so? already married? English is not my native language so thank you very much for being patient.

  • I feel he has several casual relationships on the side and one primary one.

  • oh ok then maybe i shouldnt think about him then...he is maybe too friendly to everyone as he was with me and i misunderstood him 😞

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