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  • My younger brothers birthday is April 30, 1992. He has started college as of last Fall, but did not do so well for those two school semesters. He seemed to become interested in one girl while he was in college, but it didn't work out apparently. I'm not sure if he knows for sure what he's wanting to do with his future. So many people have tried to guide him, with out actually making it obvious that they are trying to lead him in the right direction. I'm not sure whether I should step in or not. I've mainly just been staying out of this situation, but have considered stepping in. Part of me is thinking he hasn't been doing his best lately due to his love life. He was in a long relationship until about a year ago. Since then, there was the one girl in college which didn't even turn into a relationship, and that was it. No more girls after that. He could still be trying to heal from that..maybe finding new love in the future will help him get on the right path?

    I'm hoping a reading of his chart will help me know where his future is headed at this point, how bright his future is seen to be.

    Please and thank you

  • Weevil, your brother has a tendency to be depressed that might be holding him back. He is highly empathic, and his intuitive and psychic abilities are very well developed so he probably picks up other people's (negative) feelings and thinks they are his own emotions. Empaths can also be fooled into thinking they are in love with someone when they are just picking up that person's feelings.

    Your brother is very protective and nurturing of others, but he will need to wrestle with some security issues before he can successfully navigate the ups and downs of life. Taking risks is not his forte and he may repress a great deal of his creativity, inspiration and imagination as he tries to impose structure and order on the unpredictable world of his impressions. He should eventually rise to the challenges of his lifepath, turning his inspired abstractions into concrete reality, and releasing his fixity in order to embrace a sense of magic.

    He must be careful not to allow any fatalism to creep in to make him lazy or give him the belief that it's only luck (and not himself) that controls his destiny. He can use his love of beauty to elevate his viewpoint to the positive and to help him express his creative brilliance. What he really wants is to find a place where he feels safe, protected, cared for and doted on - somewhere he feels he truly belongs. But he must watch a tendency to become dependent as his desire to be taken care of can lead him into an unending search for security, leading to an emotional dependence on others. His fear of abandonment and a problem expressing his feelings appropriately may be holding him back in life so he needs to deal with them rather than ignore them. He has to be willing to run the risk, take charge, and assume full responsibility for himself and his life. It does him no good to be babied, coddled, or spoilt. Once he takes charge, he will feel secure and in control of his own destiny. If he can shake himself up a bit and cultivate the ability to become a motivated self-starter, all will go very well for him. Prosperous self-expression and success will be his rewards.

  • May I ask what career fields would be good for him to work towards in college or if being in a relationship would be good for him in the near future?

  • Being in a GOOD relationship will be beneficial for your brother but if he has not sorted through his issues and come to understand what being an empath involves, he may fall into a BAD relationship which would be detrimental to his health.

    Your brother will excel at being the 'boss', so management, public speaking, politics/diplomacy, and entrepreneurship are good career choices for him. Usefulness is of the utmost importance to him. His inborn leadership and authority can inspire others. His empathic skills make him aware of others' feelings and as a manager, he can encourage people to assist him with goodwill and enthusiasm. He is a natural teacher of responsibility and protcol, and must establish a good reputation for himself in business and in life, and be an exemplary model for others. Though very intelligent, he must however learn how to communicate well, to use correct language and appropriate social behaviour if he is to find success. With his healing hands, high energy and sensitive intuition, he would make an excellent counsellor as long as he can remain objective and doesn't get too enmeshed emotionally with those he helps. Many types of healing exists for body, mind and emotions, including massage or energy therapy, writing, teaching, and motivating others. Many people like your brother get involved with the business of personal growth. Other possible career fields are accounting and banking, scientist, engineer, stock market trader, air traffic controller, dealer, film director, jeweller, or sales representative. When it comes to work and career, he can basically do just about anything but he must follow his passion.

    He will adapt well to changing environments and he can work quickly, but he may charge double for his services. When it comes to money issues, your brother must practice utmost honesty - if he values money over service to others, he will end up rich but unfulfilled. If he has negative beliefs about money, he may struggle to get it or even sabotage his own efforts. When his abundant creative energy flows onward with courage and with love, he will manifest money naturally. When he feels personally secure and is willing to claim his own authority, he will create abundance on every level and make as much money AS HE ALLOWS HIMSELF TO.

    No one stops your brother but himself.

  • Hello captain,

    I'm sagitarius and he's libra. For the past 5 years we have an on and off again relationship.

    3 weeks ago, he came to visit me to give his condolenses (my mother passed away). He ask me to forgive him and he wants to live with me, and he said that he loves me and he mis me.

    I love him, but I want him to change. I told him that. But I did not answer him yet, about move in with me. Should I trust him? We're both 48 years old. If I say yes, do you think it's gonna work this time?

    Or am I gonna meet someone new?

    I am working in a shoe store. Am I gonna get a promotion? And a higher salary? Or should I change job for a higher salary. Or should I open my own retail business?

  • Pinky9dec, can you please start your own thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" button at the top right of this page and I will answer you there? And can you supply both birthdates, please?

  • Thank you very much Captain! This helped a lot! 🙂

  • Hello, Captain

    Can you give me an advise?

    I'm a sagitarius 9 dec 1962. My mother passed away (since last year), and I have to move to live in her house. That's 15 minutes away from where I live now and my work.

    I can not make my decision when to move. But i'ts going to be this year. My mother always had lots of plants in the garden. My plan is to move there, to start a plant nursery business.

    But I wil keep my regular job also. Or do you see me with a new regular job? I have been looking.

    Do you think that's a good decision to move?

    And also, do you see in the future that I'm gonna meet a new man? And when etc?

    Or am I getting back with my ex?

    Last year he went back to his country. He's libra 4 oktober 1962.

    I'm sagitarius 9 december 1962

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  • Sorry, I do that by mistake.

    Sometimes I don't know where to go

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