• Firstly, I want to thank you again for the reading that you gave me about a Month ago. It was VERY thought provoking. I have been thinking about what you said in the past weeks.

    You made a statement about my Exboyfriend, in which you said"for some reason this man came into your life."

    Watergirl, could you please tell me the reason as to WHY this Man came into my life?

    Also, does the reason have something to do with his Daughter (J) ? From what I gather....he is protecting her from something (I do not know what, as of yet).

    Exboyfriend: JUNE 30, 1950

    Myself: April 21, 1973

    Thanks In Advance 🙂

  • Hi there,

    I remember you but I don't remember the reading 🙂 I can do another, but I'm beat today! Will get to you tomorrow...



  • Hi StandingTall - I got a 2nd wind 🙂

    As far as my last reading and this man showing up in your life for a reason....it was to teach you something about yourself and to help you grow. I don't know what I said in the last reading, but if you still have it I'm sure it will at least hint at what the lesson was.

    As far as tonight's reading, it's time for a change my dear. I'm sorry - I know how strongly you are feeling about this man, but there just isn't the happy ending you are hoping for in your future. Spirit is showing you as very sensitive, emotional and affectionate, but also as a child which means there is some naivete at work here. This man has turned into an obsessive desire - clouding your judgment. You need to liberate yourself from this restraint in your life. What has been must be let go of - put it behind you so that new opportunities can come in. You are hoping for some sort of miracle and this is "blocking" you from your new beginning and has brought you to a place of stagnation. Please stop torturing yourself.

    Spirit wants you to know that your strong desire in this situation has blinded you so you don't know what you really need right now or what will bring you happiness in the long run. Trust in the workings of the Universe. Let go of all you THINK you want or need so that "want" can be replaced with your true objective...HAPPINESS. And they are saying that the form that this happiness will take has yet to materialize in your life -- it is not this man you are yearning for. This new man is showing as a husband, but you need to allow the space for him to enter. Face the cold, hard facts and don't let it defeat you - mind over matter - clear away the emotional debris and look to the future with courage and optimism. Focus on NEW opportunities, NEW people, NEW experiences.

    Blessings (Be Strong!),


  • THANKS!!! I will keep you posted on what happens this Summer.

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