• hey all! I am New to tarot, I have reading and studying for about a month. I currently need help interpretating 2 particular Tarot readings i have done for myself:

    I did a reading on how a woman felt about me and I have a hard time making interpretation of meaning with Courts and major arcana:

    Her Feelings towards me are:

    VIII Strength/ Clarified with: X Wheel Of Fortune

    Queen Of Cups/ Clarified with VII of Cups

    I Magician/ clarified wth II of Cups

    6 of Cups/ clarifiend with IV of cups

    I drew a extra card with each Main Card for extra "help" on meaning or whatever.

    SECOND READING: This was a GENERAL Tarot reading, I just wanted to get a general feel for things to come into my life as a whole...


    VI of Cups

    VI the Lovers

    X of Cups


    Queen Of Pentacles

    XIII Death

    II of Cups


    XIV Temperance

    Queen of Cups

    X Wheel Of Fortune

    NOTE: 2 Aces appeared and I "exalted" them, The 2 Aces were Ace of Cups andAce of Wands.

    The ace of wands was originally one the PAST position cards and The Ace of Cups was originally one the Future position cards. If ANYBODY could help me interpret EITHER reading and their meaning, I would be very grateful. thi NOOB needs help in to this new realm of tarot i am in!! HAHAH thanks to anyone!!!

  • hello KingofSlurpeeCups (great name :)),

    The woman in question has strong feelings for you. She is the person represented by the Queen of Cups; caring, affectionate, emotionally warm. The 7 of Cups warns that she has a tendency to fantasise/live in a dream world and may not always see things for what they really are.

    She wants to be with you, create a future with you (Magician). She really feels a strong bond with you (2 of Cups), but heed the warning of the 7 of Cups as she may indulge in this connection, blinded to the full reality of what the connection entails.You evoke feelings akin to nostalgia within her. Comfortable and safe. (6 of Cups) But she wants more (4 of Cups).

    As for your other reading; your past has been emotionally fulfilling, but you had to make a choice and leave the past behind. You realised it was time to move on. The Queen of Pentacles is someone who is currently helping (or about to help) you through this transition. Your mother? Or someone that reminds you of your mother?

    What ever you chose to leave behind and everything associated with that situation is now coming to an end (Death). There's nothing you can do about this, just be open to letting go and realise that there is a very positive new beginning for you now taking place. The 2 of Cups is telling you that you have made a new connection. This I feel is the woman your first reading pertained to.

    In fact, since the Queen of Cups and the Wheel of Fortune appears in both readings, I would say this woman is going to play a major part in your future. This was meant to be. The Temperance cards tells me that you will integrate the lessons of the past within yourself and become a stronger, better person. It also tells me that you and the woman in question will have a very balanced, healthy relationship. But it's not just going to happen. Don't rest on your laurels, but "work" together to make the relationship be the best it can be.

    The Ace of Cups pretty much reinforces this message. New relationship, new love, new romance.

    The Ace of Wands tells me that you had the opportunity in the past to create something you were passionate about. Probably succeeded as well. This is something you can look back on and be proud of. You learned a great lesson here and you can use it to improve your life in the future.

    I hope that helps. Love & light to you,


  • THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! For helping me, I have a problem interpreting cards in "combination". As for the QUEEN OF CUPS girl, I havent seen her or talked to her for over half a year. So i was interested if things have changed in terms of her feelings. But when you mention her being meant to ''be'', I had to do a second reading to see if the tarot fooled me. It didnt. the second time I did a reading on her it was this:





    this reading was basically the same as the first one!

    anyway, as for the QUEEN OF PENTS, I have definitely been feeling a more "motherly" connection to my grandmother. I see her more as my own mom than my grandmother. as for DEATH, I have been changing like no other! It's a process that is happening SO fast. When I would do tarot readings, i was usually represented by the KNIGHT OF SWORDS/KING OF WANDS, now I'm seeing more cards like KING OF CUPS/ EMPEROR/ DEATH that represent me in readings. Because for awhile, life was slow. Now things are just speeding by me!!!! As for what you mentioned about having to work "together" with the TEMPERANCE card, I definitely thing that rings very true. But I had to get some input on my readings for awhile It was like the Tarot was haunting me with these cards: QUEEN OF CUPS, DEATH, WHEEL OF FORTUNE, TEMPERANCE, KNIGHT/PAGE OF CUPS, ACE OF CUPS, HIEROPHANT (as outcomes to things) mentioned, things seem dead between me and the QUEEN OFCUPS girl, but life is unpredicatble.....

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